Meniscal Tears

What are meniscal tears?

A meniscal tear is an injury that impacts the meniscus within the knee. Typically, this injury is caused something too heavy is lifted or when the leg is twisted or turned abruptly while taking part in a contact sport.There are usually three types of tears that take place. A minor tear results in swelling and discomfort, but usually will not last longer than a few weeks. A moderate tear actually worsens over time, with swelling increasing over the days following the injury. A severe tear is where the meniscus is torn into pieces and occupying the space where the joint is supposed to be. At this stage, you can expect a slower healing time, pain when walking or bending, and swelling as well.

What are the symptoms of meniscal tears?

You may experience swelling, stiffness, a locking or popping sensation, difficulty walking, pain when bending, and a general feeling of instability.

How do we treat meniscal tears?

We help you strengthen and stretch out your knee so that you can increase flexibility, reduce swelling, and eliminate some of that pain and discomfort, making it possible to walk and move around easier.