MCL Tears

What is an MCL tear?

An MCL tear is a medial collateral ligament injury that impacts the tissue inside the knee which is responsible for keeping the knee from bending incorrectly. An injury to the MCL can take place when the outside of the knee is struck during any jumping or swift changes in direction.

What are the symptoms of an MCL tear?

You may notice anything from knee pain, swelling, some redness, or bruising at the onset of injury. Some patients also experience a lack of mobility, pain when walking, stiffness and limited flexibility.

How do we treat an MCL tear?

Depending on the degree of injury, you may notice some mild pain, moderate discomfort, or severe pain. Based on how badly you are injured, we create a unique plan that incorporates stretching exercises and strengthening routines to relieve pressure and discomfort and make walking more comfortable.