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88 / Staying Calm and Positive During COVID-19 with Mark Price

In this high-stress time of COVID-19, our expectations of normalcy have gone out the window. We’re feeling anxious and powerless. This takes a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. Today’s guest made it his practice to share useful and actionable techniques for regaining your sense of balance and control through meditation.

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With a twenty-year career in the entertainment industry, including Broadway and TV, Mark Price developed a keen insight into the psychology of high performance, creativity, and innovation. He now teaches Vedic meditation through his company Alchemy Collective.

Mark explains how this new stressful situation that we’re all in is affecting us on a conscious and chemical level. The best antidote to this state is resting. That’s often easier said than done. To help, Marks describes how we all can begin using simple meditative techniques. This will help us cope and even thrive throughout this experience. 

What can you do to stay present and compassionate right now? Let’s talk in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • The link between chemistry and consciousness with well-being
  • Why proper rest is the only way to reverse a hyper-stimulated nervous system
  • Two powerful tools for regaining a sense of control
  • What happens when we stay in the present moment and connect with our senses
  • Structuring your day in order to reset the rhythms of the brain
  • Staying present by consistently practicing gratitude


“You can’t separate mind from body. You can’t isolate the two. They are inextricably connected and they correlate with each other.” [3:49]

“We have no control over what’s happening. And that, I think, is the hardest thing for people to accept. They have to surrender to what’s happening. It’s a brilliant time, an inconvenient time, but a brilliant time to reassess some of the practices and habits that we have.” [17:34]

“The only cure for a hyper-stimulated nervous system is reducing inputs and inducing states of rest.” [24:20]

“There is no magic wand for the one thing that’s going to help people navigate through this. It’s going to be a bunch of little things that you put into practice daily.” [32:59]


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