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66 / What Is A Midwife & Why It Should Be Considered w/ Marcy Tardio

Muscle Medicine Podcast 66 / Why Now Is The Time To Call The Midwife w/ Marcy Tardio

Today’s guest is a little different than my usual ones. Marcy Tardio is a certified nurse-midwife who’s been practicing for over 30 years. In fact, she’s my midwife. Marcy specializes in homebirths, where she assists women from the very beginning to end of their pregnancies.

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In this interview, Marcy explains just what a midwife is, the training required, and the various roles one plays. We also discuss the different opinions that surround homebirths and how to make these important decisions without fear.

The topic of homebirths often brings up the topic of hospital births too. Marcy discusses how each has their advantages and risks. The important thing to consider is just how real the risks are when faced with their likely advantages. 

Marcy also explains what you can do to recognize and create the birth environment that is right for you. This involves being really mindful and deliberate with who should be there with you during the birth. As Marcy tells us, it isn’t always the most likely people.

We also talk about the difficulties that often arise when trying to be in more control of our pregnancies. Marcy shares some advice for talking with your practitioners to make sure that they are hearing your needs and wants and what to do if it’s time to find someone else.

Finally, Marcy shares some very important information to be aware of for the post-partum period. The support that new mothers need is great and recognizing this is crucial to the health and wellbeing of both parents and baby.

Have you had or considered having a birth at home? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • What exactly a midwife is and what they do
  • How midwifery has evolved over the years
  • The ways in which a woman can be supported emotionally during the birth process
  • Why getting some sleep is often a great way to help in the labor
  • How to create a birth environment that is ideal for you
  • The reasons why a home birth may have to be transferred to a hospital
  • What women should know about the afterbirth period


“A midwife is a medical advanced practice. We are clinicians.” [6:47]

“Giving birth is hard work. It’s sweaty and it’s emotional and it’s not necessarily candlelights and waterbirths.” [10:32]

“Intellect doesn’t have any place in labor. It’s primal. It’s physical. Getting your head out of the way is often the way to go. Sleep helps that.” [20:30] 

“We need to see the post-partum as a time where you do nothing. It’s enough work to just nurse your baby and sleep.” [48:01]

“It’s all about letting go. What are you doing at that point? You’re letting go of your baby. You can’t have tight muscles and release. It’s about release. It’s about softening.” [1:05:03]


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