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77 / How To Heal Yourself Through Radical Authentic Fitness w/ Maggie Rintala

Many people perceive self-care and recovery as a romanticized process. But it is a struggle that involves pushing through boundaries, focus, and determination. There is never one single trick or solution, but taking an adaptive and introspective approach is crucial. Today’s guest has not only lived this journey but helps others to do it too.

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Maggie Rintala is a professional dancer, award-winning speaker, national and international coach of coaches, and personal trainer for professional athletes, millionaires, eighth-graders, and grandmas. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people all over the world with her expert coaching.

With her own experience with overcoming chronic pain, Maggie knows what it’s like to reshape your life to recreate purpose and restore health. She describes the many different avenues that she tried to heal from this pain, and also what it taught her about her own priorities and goals.

As a trainer, Maggie strives to help her clients achieve more than just a physique. Instead, she helps them become fit for who they are so that they can experience the world in fulfilling ways. This has all led Maggie to develop a course and soon to be released book, Radical Authentic Fitness. As part of this, Maggie explains how people can achieve the results that they want by taking the appropriate actions without chasing a particular physical ideal.

How can you train in order to achieve more than just physical results? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • Healing yourself in the service of something greater
  • Understanding how your body’s past traumas influence your current health
  • Why best training goes beyond striving for measurable end results
  • How Radical Authentic Fitness can help you become fit for who you are and what you want to achieve in the world
  • Breaking through the disconnect between the mind and body
  • Learning fitness for long-term health
  • Inspiring children to take ownership of their own fitness and health


“When you come to fitness, you’re probably going to suffer physically. A lot of people don’t understand that they’re already suffering for something.” [3:05]

“I was suffering. So why not suffer for something that is going to push me into the next realization of who I am so that I can serve my people.” [10:19]

“The human body is resilient. I have come through incredible things… and I know that other people can as well.”  [38:00]


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