Lumbar pain

What is lumbar pain?

Lumbar pain is an irritation or discomfort in the lower region of the back. This condition is very prevalent, with patients often complaining of pain to varying degrees. For some, treatment is as simple as a regular dose of painkillers, while for others, consistent physical therapy sessions are in order.

What are the symptoms of lumbar pain?

Muscle spasms, pain that flows from the back to the glutes, a dull ache, mobility issues, stiffness, soreness in specific parts of the body, and pain that moves from the back of the leg to the upper thigh are all symptomatic of lumbar pain.

How do we treat lumbar pain?

Since the muscles in the lumbar region work so hard to stabilize other parts of the body, they need to be strengthened to do the best job they can. We work to correct your posture, improve the way you carry your weight, and strengthen your abdominal muscles as well, so that your core can help stabilize your body and work together with your back.