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5 Moves to Relieve Lower Back Pain in 5 Minutes

Low back pain stretch

Lower back pain affects approximately 80% of the population. Yikes, that’s a staggering number. And, more often with recurrent or persistent pain being more prevalent in women than it is in men. With several potential causes, it is considered one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. We see low back pain everyday in clinic over the last eleven years. We have found a combination of Active Release Technique, core stability exercises, and Chiropractic to be a great combination for getting people out of pain quickly.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Poor posture and poor breathing habits are the most common causes. However, there are many other reasons your back could be aching.

  1. Degenerative disc disease
  2. Obesity
  3. Family history
  4. Misalignment of the joints and spine
  5. Injury, usually a previous traumatic incident
  6. Spinal malformations
  7. Pregnancy

Whatever the cause, if you experience discomfort in your lower back, you know how difficult it can be even just to get out of bed. Inadequate relief of the pain can lead to desperate measures, and patients often find themselves reaching for OTC (over the counter) pain medications which will not treat the actual cause of the pain. Medication may take the edge off in the moment but will definitely not accelerate the healing process.

On a positive note, most cases are a result of biomechanical problems. This means the pain is more likely to be caused by the musculoskeletal system rather than by a serious illness, like cancer which usually pops up first on Dr Google. The strain on the musculoskeletal system places stress on bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles – all of which will lead to that pain in your back.

Common Sources of Lower Back Pain

The following, are some common causes you can more than likely tie your pain to. Additionally, you will also find the 5 general exercises that can/will help with each source.


This type of back pain is a result of damage to soft tissues supporting the lower spine. This is most often caused by improper form while exercising, exercise that is too strenuous, and improper form while lifting or bending.


This pain can be caused by damage or an injury done to the joint in between the spine and the hip. Undiagnosed, it can mimic a herniated disc or a hip problem.


This type of lower back pain is caused by a herniated, “slipped”, or protruded disc between the vertebrae. These discs can press against the nerves causing moderate to severe pains in the lower back. These types of disc issues can additionally lead to impaired and guarded movement.


Nerve pain is caused by disc issues, bone spurs, and any type of damage, irritation, or injury done to the sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain is characterized by sharpness that starts in the lower back and moves down the back of the leg.

The 5 Exercises to Eliminate Your Pain In 5 Minutes

When completing the exercises to alleviate the pained area, it’s important to focus on your motor control, which is how the brain remembers our movement patterns, aka muscle memory. By doing these repetitive motions concisely, your body will learn to use muscles again that may not have been used correctly to compensate for pain, creating muscle memory. If at any point you feel pain during these exercises, please stop. We don’t want to exacerbate any underlying serious injury.

  1. 6-Month Supine [Video]
  2. DNS Twist [Video]
  3. ‘Dead Bug’ [Video]
  4. ‘Dead Bug’ Just Legs and Arms [Video]
  5. Foot Dialing Stacking [Video]

Commitment to exercise is a very important aspect of your recovery.

However, what you do in between these exercises can be just as valuable. Losing weight, good sleep hygiene, proper posture, eating habits, and maintaining a low stress lifestyle can all impact how your body heals, and how it responds to pain.

Your Chiropractor Will Adhere to Your Specific Needs

Chiropractor treating low back pain
These exercises are designed to strengthen your core and your lower back. Without balanced muscle tone obtained through exercise, your posture will suffer and can result in lower back muscle aches and joint related problems.

We will approach your treatment with a holistic approach, looking head to toe. Joint manipulation is only one aspect of your chiropractic care, and adjustments are best performed when they are done alongside other therapies, including breathing exercises, core strength routines, and soft tissue work aka Active Release Technique, the gold standard in massage.

This Part is All on You

This important component to your recovery is in your hands, with the support of our chiropractic team. The goal is to work with you to feel better, while increasing the confidence in your ability to help heal your own body.

Better than any drug, exercise will improve your mobility and reduce discomfort. But please be patient with yourself. It can take months of regular repetitive motions for your body to adjust and feel better, but the long-term results of a stronger lower back and core will be worth it.

I hope you have found this information helpful, and please follow up with on of the chiropractors here at Urban Wellness Clinic if you have any questions regarding your own personal healing process.