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46 / Light Therapy: How To Accelerate Your Healing w/ Justin Stahan

Most of us don’t get enough light in our daily lives. Sitting under fluorescent lights and in front of computer screens don’t count. What more and more studies are showing is that exposure to natural light leads to numerous health benefits. But how can you get more of this healing light in your life?

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Justin Stahan is a co-founder and creator of the JOOVV, a truly incredible light therapy and the first of its kind on the market. Justin has poured his engineering expertise into the development of this product to create something with a truly wide range of health benefits. These systems are gaining popularity in people’s homes as well as with chiropractors, practitioners, and in all sorts of wellness centers.

In this interview, Justin explains what you want to look for in a light therapy, also called photobiomodulation. He also sheds light on what is happening at the cellular level when exposed to photobiomodulation and how it can benefit your tired muscles as well as its other potential health benefits.

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In this episode:

  • Why size matters when it comes to light therapy
  • What light therapy does at the cellular level and how it can help your muscles recover
  • How light therapy has been shown to support thyroid health
  • Battling seasonal affective disorder with infrared light
  • Light’s role in regulating hormones to improve your quality of sleep
  • The difference between light therapy and sauna therapy
  • Infrared light’s ability to help heal the eyes


“The dosage that has been shown to be productive for a wide range of health benefits is a significant amount, particularly for deeper tissue benefits such as muscle aches and pains, helping with recovery, joint pain, and things of that nature.” [5:47]

“Thinking about light, it’s essentially nutrition for your cells. Just like you wouldn’t go weeks without eating or drinking anything, you shouldn’t go weeks without getting a significant amount of  natural light.” [10:46]

“Once people try it, they feel a difference. They may not have an interest to dig into the science, but most people who try it and give it a shot, they really can notice a difference, especially those individuals who are really in tune with their body.” [26:13]


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