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38 / How To Level Up Your Skills In Strength Training w/ Chris Duffin

Perhaps you’ve had to stop performing a particular movement as the result of an injury. Whether it’s squats or lifts or something else, there is a way to get it back with the right guidance. This can often be confusing as there’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to strength training at any level. Today’s guest, Chris Duffin, is a pro at helping all sorts of people overcome what’s holding them back in their training by focusing on clean and natural movements as part of building strength.

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Chris, the “Mad Scientist of Strength”, is an expert in dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and the effects of the intra-abdominal brace. Chris co-owns the Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland, Oregon and is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kabuki Strength Equipment which provides innovative equipment and methodologies to the S&C field. As a coach and strength trainer, Chris has the remarkable ability to show how techniques and skills that all of us should know work at the highest level of performance.

In this interview, Chris discusses his approach to skill development in strength training. His approach starts with the spine and understanding proper bracing. He also shares his insight into the importance of your feet and how you stand and root yourself. Chris sheds light on the importance of stress in developing skills and strength. Throughout our chat, Chris shares his expert advice on how to train and develop skills efficiently and effectively so that you’ll experience improvements without injury.

Have you had injuries that held you back? What tools or programs did you use to help you overcome? Leave me a comment below!

In this episode:

  • How DNS and understanding the diaphragm can impact your personal performance
  • Why it’s important to understand your feet to get to the root of pain issues elsewhere in your body
  • The crucial role of stress as a catalyst for change when developing skills and strength
  • Why everybody on earth needs to know how to deadlift
  • Understanding the mechanics of squats so that you can do them safely and effectively
  • How to properly use a weight belt while avoiding common mistakes


“You can actually see the breakdown easier during basic core-loaded movements than in some sort of corrective-type position.” [5:27]

“We as human beings adapt to stress. Stressors come at us and this is how we live and grow. This is not strength training, this is life. This is emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, becoming mentally stronger. All this comes down to managing those stressors.” [14:26]

“We can actually change our engagement patterns, we can change our biomechanics, we can change things and finetune it just for the specific lifter.” [38:35]


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