Labrum Tears

What is a labrum?

The labrum is circular piece of cartilage that lines and pads the shoulder socket.

What is a labrum tear?

A labrum tear is the ripping of the cartilage between the shoulder socket and the humerus. When the labral tear gets stuck in the shoulder joint, you are susceptible to shoulder instability and further injury. This type of tear can take place from a traumatic injury or years of wear and tear taking its toll on the body.

What are some symptoms of a labrum tear?

You will typically identify a labrum tear by an acute popping sensation or a feeling of your shoulder getting stuck in the socket. This sensation is more likely to occur with lifting the arm overhead. You may notice a  dull ache or tenderness in the area for a few hours after the fact.

How do we treat labrum tears?

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, we will map out a plan to get your shoulder back in shape by looking at your individual symptoms, so we can create a unique stretching and exercise routine to best suit your needs. We look up and down the kinetic chains to see if there are any additional factors affecting your shoulder injury.