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6 / Keto Master Class w/ Robb Wolfe

There is certainly a lot of confusion out there about just what the benefits of a ketogenic diet are. We are still discovering how this complex diet can help with a wide range of conditions, but just how to apply it is not always clear. Today, Robb Wolf is here to explain the Keto ins and outs.


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Robb is a former biochemist and author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat. After struggling with his own health issues for much of his life, Robb has made it his mission to understand the role that diet plays in managing and preventing a whole range of illnesses. His focus is on how a diet makes you healthier and helps prevent disease, rather than just making you look better.

On today’s podcast, we dive deep into many issues and schools of thought surrounding ketogenic diets. We discuss how dietary needs vary from person to person based on a wide range of factors and what that means for you. We certainly are glad that Robb was able to answer our many questions and increase our understanding of this important and complicated topic.

What have you wanted to know about a ketogenic diet’s role in managing illness? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode

  • How the ketogenic diet has vast health benefits that extend far beyond mere weight management
  • The consequences of TBI and how a better diet can help with healing to address the root causes of symptoms
  • The role that different fats have in an individual’s diet and how it varies person to person
  • What cholesterol really tells us and can’t tell us about cardiovascular health
  • How an individual’s genetic history is crucial to finding the right diet
  • What “keto flu” really is and what is happening in your body during it
  • The biological reasons why women can adapt to a ketogenic diet better than most people understand


“If there’s one place that a ketogenic diet shines, it’s in neurological issues.” [15:56]

“Even if a ketogenic diet isn’t a perfect fit for you, maybe just a moderate carb, paleo diet, whole food diet is going to be a good fit.” [31:57]

“Overly relying on the scale is the primary pitfall. People get that easy weight loss right in the beginning…but if we just go by the scale…people will just get all freaked out and frustrated.” [41:13]

“The ketogenic state is a nice anabolic state, certainly more so than an insulin resistant state.” [55:02]


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