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58 / How To Set & Accomplish Your Big Goals w/ Dr. Jeff Spencer

We are all goal setters. But setting goals is easy. Making the sacrifices and doing the work necessary to achieve them is hard. Without the right mindset, you’re going nowhere. But how can you keep your goals centered in your priorities when it seems so difficult, unclear, or overwhelming? My guest on this episode has dedicated his life to helping people answer those questions.

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Dr. Jeff Spencer, often called part doctor, part guru, part medicine man, made a promise to himself when he was eleven years old to become an Olympic athlete. Since then, he’s been setting and completing similar goals for himself and helping others, like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, to do the same.

In our chat today, Jeff shares the qualities he feels are necessary to motivate us to set and accomplish big personal challenges. Jeff explains how this is all part of the bigger picture of creating a life of value that allows us to give back to others. As he tells us, it’s not an easy process, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. To help break it all down, Jeff lays out the fundamentals of his Goal Achievement Roadmap that is aimed at helping anyone see their goals through to fruition.

What’s standing in the way of achieving your goals? What can you change today to make them a reality? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • Creating a mindset that encourages and supports you in the great accomplishments you set out to achieve
  • The power of your achievements to motivate and inspire others
  • The greatest myth that keeps people from achieving their goals
  • Important steps in preparation that can’t be ignored if you’re going to succeed at anything
  • Training your mindset to operate from a place of courage, not fear
  • Recognizing the champion’s mindset in others and learning from their example
  • Why it’s important to put yourself in uncomfortable situations if you’re going to move forward


“It’s always been about honoring the opportunity to express the talents that we’re all gifted with and I feel like we’re all honor-bound to do that. That’s why we’re here on this earth.”  [4:46]

“Your performance is solely dictated by your preparation.” [11:54]

“When we put ourselves in the presence of people who have done things we aspire to, it helps us get over our self-consciousness about what we feel about ourselves and how we may appear to them.” [29:13]

“In your worst moment, you may not believe it, but that’s your best opportunity because you will be forced to look at things in a different way and your best work will manifest.” [34:06]

“To learn to achieve your goals is life’s fundamental skill. And then when we get on the ladder, then we can climb the ladder to whichever level we aspire to.”  [42:45]

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The Goal Achievement Roadmap

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