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65 / How To Use Micro-Dosing Fitness To Increase Longevity w/ Jacques Devore

Muscle Medicine Podcast 65 / How To Use Micro-Dosing Fitness To Increase Longevity w/ Jacque Devore

It’s well known that maintaining muscle mass is one of the most crucial things we can do as we age. It has been shown to be the number one factor in preventing injuries, regulating hormones, and increasing longevity overall. But here’s the thing, it isn’t necessary to go all out at the gym every day. Today’s guest is a leader in this movement of micro-dosing fitness.

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Jacques Devore is the owner of Sirens & Titans Fitness in Los Angelas. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Primal Health Coach, and is licensed as an expert USA Cycling Coach. In addition to training many elite athletes and being one of the fittest and strongest men I know of his age, Jacques holds the world record for the mile in the Versaclimber.

In today’s talk, Jacques uses his unique insight into the fitness industry to examine how it can better help us maintain health as we age. Instead of killing it at the gym, Jacques describes how he has maintained healthy muscle mass through short but regular workout routines.

Even though we all lead busy lives, everyone has a few minutes every day to work on their fitness. Jacques walks us through the ways we can carve out little bits of time here and there in order to meet our fitness goals, build muscle mass, and ultimately improve longevity.

What can you do for just ten minutes today to start adding micro-dosing fitness into your daily routine? Tell me in the comments below!

In this episode

  • How micro-dosing fitness at home can be a useful alternative to long sessions at the gym
  • The importance of goal setting in your exercise routines
  • The five principles behind maintaining healthy fitness that everyone can incorporate into their week
  • How endurance athletes can prevent burnout by weightlifting just a few hours a week
  • What a week of small doses of exercise looks like


“I started realizing that what I have done consistently is small doses of exercise, but I do it regularly.” [4:38]

“Injury becomes a greater risk as we get older. When you think about people who you know, you see their health deteriorate usually after an injury.” [22:23]

“What people don’t realize is the irony of fitness; the more fit you get, the more efficient you get, and the fewer calories you burn in the same hour of training.” [30:07]

“You have to believe that you can move the needle with small doses of exercise. If you don’t believe that then you won’t try it.” [52:33]

“If you’re your own coach, you have to call yourself on your BS. You have to really recognize that you can do this and you shouldn’t let someone tell you that you can’t.” [57:27]


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