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69 / The Importance Of Your Pelvic Floor & How To Care For It w/ Isa Herrera

Muscle Medicine Podcast 069 / The Importance Of Your Pelvic Floor & How To Care For It w/ Isa Herrera

Pelvic floor health is too often ignored by women. Especially after childbirth, but throughout life, the pelvic floor needs loving care. The great thing is that it is well within your control to address the needs and wellbeing of this important group of muscles.

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Isa Herrera is a licensed physical therapist, as well as an expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies in the field of women’s health. With expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain, she has helped over ten thousand women at her NYC-based healing center through a combination of integrative modalities.

Isa and I discuss how you can best keep your pelvic floor healthy and strong. Whether or not you just had a child, there are steps you can take to maintain a fit pelvic floor. Isa starts by sharing why Kegels alone aren’t the answer and how to balance them out with reverse-Kegels.

Isa also shares what she’s learned about helping women create counter-balance for their normal exercises. Certain workouts can inadvertently tighten the pelvic floor which can lead to problems during childbirth. With Isa’s counter-balance exercises, this risk can be mitigated.

We also talk about what to do after childbirth to avoid damaging your pelvic floor. Many women are told that they can resume normal workouts after only a few weeks, but this can actually lead to more problems. Isa shares some tips on how to ease back into your old routines without causing avoidable trauma.

What was your greatest challenge returning to a regular workout after childbirth? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • The effects and limitations of the kegel if utilized properly along with reverse-Kegels
  • Why certain exercise routines can lead to pelvic-floor complications during childbirth
  • Tips for safely returning to your old workout routine after giving birth
  • Why many women experience leaking and why they shouldn’t accept it
  • The importance of knowing your pelvic anatomy so that you can better listen to your body


“As you’re doing the breath-work, you have to do the visualization. Sometimes you need visualization, you need breath-work, you need positioning to accomplish the exercise.” [7:29]

“There are so many ways to train the pelvic floor. It’s only limited by experience.” [11:57]

“You can’t rehab the core after labor and delivery and a cesarean if you’re not addressing the trigger-points in the belly.” [31:09]

“The guru and the doctor lives within you. All you need is the right mentor and the guide to bring that guru forward. You ultimately hold the entire key to your healing.” [39:22]


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