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Many people perceive self-care and recovery as a romanticized process. But it is a struggle that involves pushing through boundaries, focus, and determination. There is never one single trick or solut
Plantar fasciitis can be debilitating. Sharp, stabbing pain underneath the foot, first few steps are brutal in the morning. It can be a chronic issue that’s really tough to get rid of. Maybe you
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Whether you’re a first-time mother or you’re pregnant with your fifth, there’s no denying it: Your body is undergoing some serious postpartum changes. And while a beautiful thing, pregnancy and
Maintaining proper form is one of the most critical parts of strength training. If anything is off, from stance to breath, you risk working out at less than peak efficiency. Worse, you may even injure
This should really be called, kettlebells, the love affair. When I first laid eyes on a kettlebell my first thought was, “that’s gonna hurt me” which is the sentiment of many of our new patients
Hey, Mamas! Do you have a belly you wish would go away? Or maybe low back pain when you lift your baby and pressure that builds from the inside almost like you feel bloated. Don’t worry. You’re no
Anyone who’s been on a diet knows the struggles of losing weight and feeling strong and healthy through the whole process. It can even take a real toll on your mental health as there’s a real emot
What is Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)? Overtraining is the excessive frequency, volume, or intensity of training which results in fatigue, a decrease in performance, mood changes, and excessive sorenes
In my clinic, I regularly see the negative results that happen to women when they overtrain. While it’s true that many of us think that more is better, this can ultimately lead to burnout and more p
At Urban Wellness Clinic we love to walk our talk so we can better serve you. I’m talking strength training, protein and self-care, oh my! Take a peek inside as the Urban Wellness Clinic team sha