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2 / Why You Need To Improve Your Understanding Of Anatomy w/ Dr. Kathy Dooley

You know that feeling you get when you’re studying up on human anatomy? Well, if you’re like many people, it’s probably not excitement. If only anatomy was as exciting as it is important. Well, our guest today, Dr. Kathy Dooley, is about to kick anatomy up a notch.


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Dr. Dooley is a chiropractor, but not like any you’ve probably heard of before. Think of her more as a fusion of chiropractor, anatomist and movement specialist. Or as she puts it, she’s a chiropractic rehabilitation specialist. Dr. Dooley wears many hats. She’s an instructor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College. She co-owns a gym in Manhattan as well as her own anatomy education program Immaculate Dissection. A true evangelist for anatomy, Dr. Dooley is here to share just an ounce of her vast wisdom with us.

On today’s podcast, we discuss her holistic approach to helping her patients. From the simple (or maybe not so simple) act of breathing, Dr. Dooley shows us how every aspect of anatomy is interconnected. One of the main goals in her practice is translating seemingly complex topics to her patients in ways that they can understand. That way that can take the lead in managing their own health.

We certainly have more enthusiasm for the wonders of the human body after our chat, and think you will too!

What’s your experience with studying human anatomy? Do you take a holistic approach in your practice? How do you explain complicated concepts to your patients? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode

  • Why taking a holistic approach to well-being is vitally important
  • How mobility, stability, and strength is the essential trifecta to well-being
  • The importance of breath and why the act of breathing should be a regular and mindful practice
  • How to help your patients take control of their own health by being their humble guide
  • How teaching makes you a better practitioner and keeps you constantly curious


“Putting restrictions on oneself when it actually puts you at risk of getting hurt can actually be a very good thing for your longevity.” [9:32]

“With every breath you take, you have an option of connecting mind and body” [14:19]

“The body hates to fail. It only learns from failure but it hates to do it.” [30:39]

“The better you know anatomy, the more common ground you have with every profession. Whether it’s nutrition, acupuncture, dental, medical. If everyone has a common vernacular and a common ground then there is a place for us to start a discussion. [33:36]


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