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37 / How Toxic Mold Can Affect You & How To Get Rid Of It w/ Dr. Ann Shippy

All around the country people are getting sick from toxic mold without even realizing it. With the myriad of symptoms that mold exposure can cause, it can be difficult to diagnose. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid toxic mold and recover from it.

Dr. Ann Shippy is one of the world’s leading experts in mold toxicity and mold exposure. She is certified in functional medicine and has a doctorate in medicine from the University of Texas. Dr. Shippy approaches illness by looking at the root causes of sickness, not just the symptoms. As such, she helps her patients heal from any combination of environmental, physical, and genetic issues.

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Today, Dr. Shippy walks us through the fascinating (and scary) world of mold. She discusses some common as well as less well-known symptoms to keep an eye out for if you’ve been exposed. We talk about why some people have strong reactions to mold as a result of exposure to mold while others don’t.

Dr. Shippy also explains just what the toxins that mold produces are and the damage they can cause us. Once you know there’s mold in your environment, there are actionable steps you can take from repairing water damage to lab testing to detoxifying.

Have you had to deal with toxic mold exposure? What do you do to rid mold from your life? Tell me in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • Typical symptoms you might be feeling if you’ve been exposed to mold
  • Why some people have stronger reactions to mold exposure than others
  • The toxins that mold releases and how they wreak havoc on our bodies
  • First actions to take once you that know you’re being exposed to mold
  • What remediation is and how to have it done properly
  • How to effectively and systematically find out if there is mold lurking in your home
  • Detoxifying as an essential part of recovering from mold exposure


“Mold can actually affect any organ system in the body. There’s so many different types of mold and they make so many different types of chemicals.”  [2:02]

“A lot of times just the foods that we eat and some of the supplements that we take can actually help initiate getting the toxins to move out of our bodies.” [12:30]

“The whole point of remediation is to really protect you and the home from getting the toxins and the mold spores spread all over the place. One of the biggest pieces of advice I give people is to not attempt to do remediation themselves because they may get much sicker because you can get a huge exposure by moving those molds around.” [18:07]

“There’s no one set way to diagnose and treat this. We’re all learning from our experiences with our own bodies and from our patients.” [33:00]


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