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31 / How To Up Your Training Game Using Rock Tape w/ Dr. Meghan Helwig

Maybe you’ve tried everything when dealing with pain during workout or rehab. In today’s interview, I talk with someone who has a different approach than most. Dr. Meghan Helwig doesn’t just look at the site of pain, she considers the whole body and its history to utilize some breakthrough and deceptively simple technology to get athletes of all levels training at their best.

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Meghan is super legit. She doesn’t just train Crossfit and triathlon athletes, she is one herself. Meghan is a doctor of physical therapy in Carlsbad, CA. and is also a RockTape instructor. She makes it her mission not to just help her athletes train, but to get them to understand the science behind their training in very approachable and easy to grasp ways.

Today, we’re diving deep into how to use RockTape. It’s a special fabric tape that doesn’t just change the sensory input that goes to the brain when working out but is changing the way we train altogether. We also get into how to train as part of a group, utilizing helpful warm-up and recovery practices.

Have you used RockTape as part of your training? Tell me how it went in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • What is RockTape and how it can up your training game when it comes to pain perception
  • The science behind pain perception and how RockTape can affect it in a number of different ways
  • Working with athletes that want to push themselves too far beyond their limits
  • Meghan’s ideal warmup (including “the world’s perfect stretch”) and recovery protocol and how they can benefit you too
  • The new and upcoming developments to look out for with RockTape



“Does our brain really remember where we started or stopped? Our brain just knows there’s tape on the skin. It’s just putting the tape on the skin is going to bring more awareness and then the brain is going to get to decide what it wants to do with it.” [10:34]

“We try to get away from saying we’re treating muscle. We’re not treating muscles. We’re treating fascia lines. Actually, there’s more receptors in our superficial and deeper fascia than in the muscle counterpart. You don’t have to go as deep.” [13:34]

“You don’t have to go that deep. Why are we beating up our bodies so much trying to do all this deep tissue? And clients still think you have to go super deep to affect something. Actually, you don’t.” [29:09]



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