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How to Throw a Corporate Wellness Day Your Staff Will Love

Planning a corporate wellness day is an excellent way to reinvigorate your office staff and get them excited about their health. As a company, you want to show your employees how much you care about their health and well-being. Encouraging them to attend a corporate wellness day will boost office morale, increase your return on investment, and cut costs in the process.

During a corporate wellness day, your employees will get the chance to learn about their benefits and pick up useful information about how to incorporate wellness into their daily lives. Healthy staff means higher productivity, less discomfort from sitting in front of a computer all day, more focus and less sick days. Corporate wellness is a win-win for everyone and is certainly something to have in mind if you are the Head of an HR department or lead a small office team.

At Urban Wellness Clinic, we have everything you need to know to throw a corporate wellness day your staff will love. Our personalized and permanent solutions are specifically designed to lower healthcare costs, minimize and altogether prevent workplace injuries, and maximize employee productivity in a major way.

What to offer on a corporate wellness day?

1. Office Yoga

Office jobs require employees to sit in chairs for long hours day after day. At Urban Wellness Clinic, we have developed a corporate yoga and meditation practice with a focus on reversing the body’s compensations for prolonged sitting. Our office yoga will help employees find a fuller range of motion and strengthen those weak and underused muscles from sitting all day.

We’ll gather in your office gym or a conference room, lay down mats and one of our yoga therapy specialists will guide your staff in an active, alignment-centered office yoga session. The focus of office yoga is on relieving the body from the strains of sitting. Your employees will leave with improved posture, recharged focus and strengthened core muscles to prevent workplace aches and pains.

2. Ergonomic Assessments

Personalized ergonomic assessments are great for employees who spend hours a day sitting at their desks and looking at a computer screen. We all know the way a person sits all day can have serious effects on the body in the form of postural imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, fatigue, and low morale.

We’ll educate your employees on the benefits of good posture, the physical and mental consequences of bad posture, and techniques on how to improve each employee’s ergonomic desk set up. Bringing our in-depth medical and ergonomic expertise to the table, we’re prepared for a thorough conversation with your staff, which will leave each employee confident and able to optimize their workstation for physical comfort and mental clarity.

3. Nutrition Lunch & Learn Workshop

We know through practice and observation that food can be a powerful tool to boost energy, clear the mind, and maintain a healthy body. Good nutrition can fall to the wayside as we go about our busy lives. Let us teach your employees the practical, yet powerful tools they can use to make food a friend, not a foe.

Our specialists will come to you and set up a nutritional lunch and learn session in your office. During our lunch, we will discuss how to optimize nutrition, use food as medicine, and give tips to beat that 2 pm slump. We will teach your employees to tap into the power of whole foods as one of our expert corporate nutritionist leads them through the principles of “food as medicine”.

We will teach your employees how to get healthier, brain optimized, more productive and more focused— all by shifting what they eat. We’ll go over how foods high in antioxidants maintain brain health and alertness and how choosing healthy fats, colorful whole foods, and avoiding processed anything sets up the body and mind for success.

4. Chair Massages

Physiotherapist giving a corporate wellness chair massage at the office

Let your employees unwind and destress with relaxing chair massages to round out your corporate wellness day at the office. Chair massage is a therapy used to treat muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that become injured from an acute, cumulative, or pressure injury. Our massage therapists utilize active release that treats common work-related overuse injuries such as back pain, headaches, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Bonus: Office Fitness Challenge

As a bonus and on-going effort to keep your employees excited about wellness, you can offer an office fitness challenge. Challenge your employees to 30 days of physical activity and incentivize them further by offering fun prizes or awards for the winner. Take advantage of the excitement of your corporate wellness day by encouraging employees to sign up on the spot.

Learn more about the benefits of our corporate wellness programs at Urban Wellness Clinic. If you’d like to speak with us about scheduling a corporate wellness day or workshop, you can reach out over email or give us a call at 212-355-0445.


In Good Health,

Dr Emily Kiberd