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32 / How To Smash Through The Myths Surrounding Men’s Health w/ Dr. Jerry Bailey

There is a mountain of misinformation out there surrounding men’s health. What supplements should you take? How much and what kind of exercise should you be getting? What’s a good diet for men? It can be hard to make sense of it all. It’s a good thing I have Dr. Jerry Bailey, a guy’s guy, here to break it all down for us.

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Dr. Jerry is a fellow chiropractor who has taken his practice to the next level by combining it with acupuncture and functional medicine. Being a guy’s guy, Dr. Jerry has his own popular and incredibly funny podcast, The Guy Show where he focuses on the topics of health and mindset for men.

In today’s interview, we discuss the role that functional medicine can play in helping people fully recover from injuries and other issues. We also talk about issues that men should particularly be aware of concerning their health as they train or recover from a GI issue.

We also chat about some of Jerry’s favorite books and why you should be reading them instead of watching TV. He even drops some great relationship advice that is wonderful to hear. This was a fantastic interview as Jerry breaks down so many myths surrounding men’s health and nutrition that are holding guys back or steering them wrong.

What have you found is the hardest part of addressing men’s health? Leave a comment below!


In This Episode

  • How functional medicine and acupuncture can help patients fully recover when other methods fall short
  • The grains that you should look for and the ones to avoid
  • The mindset and physical issues that result from overtraining
  • Daily supplements that all men should take to optimize their health
  • Why you won’t be able to get all of your nutrients from food without supplements
  • Why you should never ignore pelvic floor exercises
  • The numerous benefits of a cold shower
  • Scheduling efficiency into your day that allows you to focus on the truly important priorities



“The fun thing that a lot of people don’t realize is when we’re adjusting the spinal segments, or any joint for that matter, we’re actually affecting acupuncture points in the body too. We’re greatly affecting not only the nervous system itself and the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, we’re also stimulating acupuncture points to heal the body too.” [4:45]

“We really can’t fix anybody unless they fix their diet. We can’t out-supplement, out-drug, out-surgery, out-inject, out-anything a bad diet. So eating food, real food, is really essential. Don’t eat things made in a factory.” [12:15]

“Get off the TV, get off the computer. Get back to reading. Get that book in front of you and read it. We’re inundated with blue light all day long, from computers, from overhead light, and everything else that messes with our hormones and our endocrine system. So get off that stuff and get back onto paper reading, let your eyes adjust with that.” [35:38]

“Literally, you could spend your 24 hours biohacking yourself and really be no different than when you started the day.” [42:41]



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