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How to Delineate Work ‘from’ Home

How to Deliniate Work 'from' Home

Working from home is an option for so many individuals in the corporate space regardless of the now infamous 2020 quarantine. Although it has become the new normal for those in nearly all fields of work, it has been around for those who can remain productive from their couches every Friday.

But how does one create the separation between the work and actually resting at home? Because let’s face it, you can easily roll out of bed, grab your laptop and hop to it. You can also, easily, be working into the wee hours of the night because you never gave yourself a moment to stop.

Working from home does not mean working the entire time you’re home. Finding a balance between the two is just as important as if you were commuting into the office.

Maintain your morning routine

Sticking to your morning routine as if you had to catch the train on time should still apply. You may not have to rush to your chosen form of transportation, but maintaining a modicum of sanity for the rest of your day means changing out of your pajamas. Let your brain and body know what you are preparing for productivity so that you aren’t in lounge mode during the day’s most important conference call.

Shower and get changed into fresh clothes for the day. Then, make yourself a protein fueled breakfast and savor your coffee. (Keep the morning routine, but ditch that travel mug!)

Make a plan for the day

If you were getting into the office and knew you had to leave by a certain time, you would have a plan. What tasks do I need to complete before 6 pm? What is a high priority? What meetings do I need to prepare for?

All of these questions still need answers when you are at home. Why? Because if you don’t have a plan at home, you’ll be grazing through the kitchen at 2:25 pm because you worked through lunch and now another task is being pushed to the wayside.

An established workstation

You likely have a great workstation in your respective office. A fancy monitor or two (or three), a great mesh back chair and maybe even the newest ergonomic keyboard on the market. Well, if work from home life is something you do a lot (as we all are, currently), then you should consider a great home workstation as well. It’s only fair.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help you. Not only do your trusty providers at Urban Wellness Clinic do Corporate visits for ergonomic assessments, but we can absolutely help you remotely to get you set up at home.

You will be surprised how many ways there are to create an equally effective ergonomic station at home. And, I can’t stress this enough, having a designated area at home to work from is also important. As much as your couch is calling your name, it will not provide you with the support you need to focus throughout the day.

A laptop stand, a wireless keyboard, ways to elevate your monitors to eye level and suggestions on where to set yourself to limit glare from your windows are just a few ways in which we can help you get to a rockstar level of productivity from your cozy NYC apartment.

Movement breaks

This is what I like to call: non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work or at home, you need to move. Period. Our bodies are not built to remain stagnant all day long. And, spoiler alert, a lot of your current pain points are from lack of movement so blaming your yoga teacher from last night should not be your go-to.

Every 45-60 minutes, do a quick stretch at your desk or get up and move around your apartment or home. If you are someone who alternates between a sitting desk and standing desk, then I would still recommend sitting while you do your more focused work and then provide your body with a dose of movement to reward it!

Doing yoga while working from home

A sweat-inducing workout

Yes, the movement throughout the day is very very important, but there is no replacement for getting your heart rate up and breaking a little sweat.

A home workout is so easy because you can still do a total body workout with just your own bodyweight or items you have on hand. Here at UWC we also provide you with a movement routine that is personalized for you through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. These exercises help you strengthen your intrinsic core while also providing your body with stability within joints that need them and encourage proper posture.

If you typically go to the gym to lift weights (go you!), then investing in a kettlebell for your home is never a bad idea. I usually suggest that if you can only purchase one, then a 16 kg kettlebell is a great at-home option and can be utilized for so many different exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, single-arm rows, shoulder press, heavy carry…just to name a few.

When you’re done with work, be done with work

There is no better way to reach adrenal fatigue than by working through periods of time that should be dedicated to rest. And, studies have shown that unless you get proper sleep and nutrition, your ability to retain information and be productive decreases.

Let your body rest and let your mind rest. Switch gears and show yourself some self-care. And no, self-care does not have to always be a bubble bath and a face mask. Self-care also means nutritious whole foods, time away from monitors and information overload from constant scrolling. Self-care also means sleep and feeding your mind with positive thoughts and books that you love. Get creative and get some rest.

Continue remote appointments

Yes, our new normal has changed temporarily as we navigate much of the world staying in and working from home, but social distancing means physically distancing. Staying connected to your support system is crucial no matter what is happening around the globe. Making time for your loved ones, time to look inward and also maintaining a connection with your healthcare support team.

Who do you make time out of your day to go see? If you are someone who regularly sees a provider at Urban Wellness Clinic, then you don’t have to worry about being remote. As Chiropractors, we are well versed in various rehab techniques that can help you stay out of pain. We can guide you through a virtual ergonomic assessment or help you work through an at-home workout with the equipment you have on hand.

Get creative. Stay connected. Implement a routine. Use your time in ways that feed your soul and your mind and most of all, let yourself rest. At a time when millions of people are staying home, this is a great time to rest and re-set before you head back out into the world and blaze towards your goals again.

Let us know how we can serve you during this time, or any time for that matter. Our daily mission is to be there for you and provide you with the tools to lead a healthy and productive life. Let us know when you would like to schedule time with your provider by emailing us at or call us at 212-355-0445.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Monisha Mallik, D.C.