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35 / How To Create A Healthy Oral Biome w/ Trina Felber

Good health begins in the mouth. It’s the gateway to our insides, but most of us are not doing what’s best for our oral health. Today’s guest is helping to revolutionize the way we support our oral biome by deconstructing commonly accepted practices that most of us do every single day.

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In addition to being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Trina Felber is the founder and creator of Primal Life Organics where she has an amazing product line that is changing our typical habits and traditions surrounding oral health. She is on a mission to help reframe the way we understand how the outside world affects us internally, starting with the mouth. Trina has an amazing ability to explain complicated medical issues in an approachable way that can help us all lead healthier lives.

I sit down with Trina to discuss her findings of how we can better take care of our oral health. Many of us might not realize how the toxicity of our environment can our upset the biome in our mouths. Trina shares many ways that our environment can weaken our teeth and what we can do to help prevent this.

Trina also explains how an unhealthy mouth can lead to many other types of health problems and what you can do to prevent them. Even fluoride can damage your oral biome. She explains the role that saliva plays in keeping our mouths in balance and how her revolutionary line of oral health products can play a role too.

Have you stopped using traditional kinds of toothpaste? What changes did you see? Tell me in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • How the health of your mouth is an indicator of the health of the rest of your body
  • What demineralization of your teeth is and how you can prevent it
  • What is going on throughout your body when you have leaky gum syndrome
  • Why it’s time to ditch your traditional toothpaste and what to use instead
  • The toxicity of fluoride, its consequences, and how it is overused
  • The role that saliva plays in maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth
  • Why clay is the perfect thing to brush your teeth with to support a healthy biome


“What I found is that clay has the minerals in it that your teeth need to replace the ones that you’re losing.” [3:08]

“Bad breath is a signal to you that you have an imbalance in your microbiome which means that your bad bacteria is more than your good bacteria.” [15:06]

“You absorb everything that you put on. That’s why I want everyone to start thinking about your whole digestive system as the outside world trying to get in. You have a whole pathway to protect and it all starts with the oral biome. ” [21:09]

“Heavy metals can be in your gum tissue; toxins can be in your gum tissue. You really want to cleanse with something that’s really going to cleanse it. Clay does that.” [32:07]


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