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28 / How The Way You Breathe Could Be Harming You w/ Dr. Michael Gelb

If you suffer from any problem like chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, neck pain, trouble concentrating, GI problems, acid reflux, or IBS, the problem may have its roots in your airway. It’s never good to overlook your airway considering breathing is something you’re doing all the time. In fact, you breathe  20,000 to 25,000 times every day. To help understand this the importance of your airway, I am joined on this episode by someone who is revolutionizing the way practitioners think about and treat breathing issues.

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Dr. Michael Gelb is a world-renowned TMJ and sleep specialist with practices in NYC and White Plains. He is the co-inventor of the Airway Centric™ Medical Device and NORAD (nocturnal oral airway dilator appliance) used by thousands to prevent snoring. All you regular listeners know how much importance I place on breathing. That is why Dr. Gelb is near and dear to my heart, as he has focused his career on the airway.

Today we talk about some very important issues related to airway health and breathing. We discuss the common causes of airway issues and recent breakthrough solutions. We talk about how parents can take action starting right at birth to prevent these issues for their children. For grownups with airway issues, there are a number of corrective measures that can be done to drastically improve their physical and mental well-being, all of which we break down for you in this episode.

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In this episode:

  • The facial and jaw-structures that can create problems with a narrow airway
  • The important difference between day-breathing and night-breathing
  • The ways that orthodontia can affect the airway and how to prevent or reverse the damage
  • How a narrow airway can affect so many different parts of your body as well as your brain
  • New solutions to prevent or correct restricted airways



“So I see these neck issues, these postural issues which have been there for 25 or 30 years. What you see as a kid is usually what you get as an adult. But it’s never too late to intervene.”  [8:34]

“When you give the body oxygen and deep sleep it heals itself. Now add in some good food and a little bit of exercise and you really see dramatic changes. [14:02]

“I know that airway trumps everything else in dentistry. So I’m going to tell you that if we’re stuck with a case, a lot of functional medicine people say to start with the gut. I really believe that the gut runs the show. The gut runs the brain, the gut runs everything; my emotions, my immune system – everything. But along with that, start with the airway. If you start with breathing, it’s going to clear up so many more issues that you have.” [34:20]



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