Hamstring Strain/Tear

What is a hamstring strain/tear?

The hamstring, which is made up of three muscles in the back of the thigh, can be strained, torn, and injured. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may experience anything from slight discomfort to searing pain that makes it impossible to walk and run. Typically, a lack of stretching before a workout is a common and easily preventable cause of hamstring injury.

What are symptoms of a hamstring strain/tear?

You may experience a hamstring strain or tear if you notice some bruising on the back of the leg, feel pain in your lower back and thighs, and notice a popping sound when you engage your hamstrings while playing sports or working out.

How do we treat a hamstring strain/tear?

After assessing your injury, we determine which type of stretching and strengthening exercises will get you back onto the road of recovery. We perform muscles tests and an exam to see why your hamstring is overworking for instability in another part of the body.