Graston Technique

Our Approach To Graston Technique

Overcome tough, chronic pain and regain your range of motion with Graston Technique. Geared toward soft-tissue injuries, Graston Technique effectively breaks up scar adhesions and reduces inflammation. The treatment combines both hands-on and tool-assisted massage to pinpoint your pain.

Benefits Of Graston Technique:

  • Releases stiff scar tissue
  • Revitalizes sore muscles
  • Relieves swelling and tissue inflammation
  • Resolves chronic injuries thought to be permanent

Graston Technique Is Good For Anyone:

  • With chronic pain
  • Seeking faster recovery times while training
  • With persistent injuries, like IT band syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome

Your Visit

Our Graston Technique chiropractors start with a thorough rundown of your health history. During the examination, we use Graston tools (similar to a tuning fork or Gua Sha tool from Chinese medicine) to assess your injury. The treated area receives cross-friction tissue release, which restores blood flow, oxygen, and movement—even to long-standing injuries. As one of the few female Graston Technique NYC practitioners, we deliver the best Graston results with a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises after treatment. Contact us!

Want to know more: What is Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is a manual therapeutic practice that makes use of hand-held instruments along with manual massage to accelerate the healing process from soft tissue injuries. Graston Technique practitioner combines physical therapy with the utilization of these stainless steel instruments to restore functionality and full healing in a reduced amount of time. This combined therapy will break up scar tissue, as well as reduce inflammation. The Urban Wellness Clinic has been making use of the Graston Technique in NYC for several years, with a resounding success rate.

Does the Graston Technique hurt?

Patients should not experience extreme pain while undergoing the Graston Technique. At certain times, there may be mild discomfort, and even light bruising. The Graston Technique chiropractors at Urban Wellness Clinic can detect these symptoms early, and adjust the intensity of the procedure. Mild soreness may also be felt after the session is complete. The level of soreness will also depend on the injury. For instance, when the Graston Technique is used for plantar fasciitis, the area will be particularly sensitive to the touch, especially at the beginning of the recovery process.

The Graston Technique effectiveness has been substantial since it was first introduced in the 1990s. It has resulted in accelerated healing for up to 90 percent of patients. It accomplishes this by:

  • Increasing blood flow to the affected area
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Therapeutically stretching the affected tissue
  • Stimulating new cell production

Most patients will receive treatment once or twice weekly for a period of four to five weeks. This can be subject to adjustment based on factors such as severity, location, and how chronic the injury has been. If the injury is more long-standing, a longer treatment plan will most likely be necessary. However, most patients should begin to see a noticeable improvement in pain and functionality after a few treatments.

Both the Graston method and the Active Release Technique make use of massage therapy with the goal of targeting the inflammation of the scar tissue to stimulate the body’s healing cascade. However, Active Release is done only with the hands; no instruments are used during the massage. The Graston Technique is considerably more aggressive and is a preferable therapy for thicker soft tissue, as well as scar tissue that has resulted from a surgical operation. This inflammatory reaction will tell the body to produce new collagen fiber.

Since it was discovered by David Graston in the treatment of his own sports injury, the Graston Technique now has more than 24,000 practitioners in the world and is used at over 3,000 facilities. The Urban Wellness Clinic is pleased to offer the most capable clinicians of the Graston Technique in NYC. Our thoroughness, experience, and knowledge have put numerous patients on the fast track to recovery.