General Knee Pain

What is general knee pain?

As one of the most common conditions bringing patients in to see the doctor every year, knee pain is on the rise with each passing year. Knee pain is typically caused by an issue with either the femur, patella, fibula, and tibia or the ligaments and meniscus in the area as well.  There is no specific age or gender that is most impacted by knee pain; this condition can impact people of all different types of backgrounds and lifestyles at any time.

What are the symptoms of general knee pain?

General knee pain is usually identified by troubles walking, pain when moving up and downhill, swelling, redness at the source of injury, and difficulty extending and bending the leg as well. This condition can be brought on by arthritis, various infectious diseases, injury, sports-related accident, tendinitis and torn meniscus as well.

How do we treat general knee pain?

In order to improve stability and make it easier for you to get from point A to point B without severe pain, we work on strengthening the surrounding knee muscles and thigh muscles. We also recommend regular use of the RICE method to help you reduce swelling, lessen discomfort and alleviate pressure.