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Garth Wakeford On Pose Method For Runners

Who do you draw inspiration from in your training sessions?

Nicholas Romanov, a Russian doctor who founded Pose Method.

Describe Pose Method in one sentence.

Running is a controlled fall and pose method is an attempt to harness gravity as a horizontal force.

What do you love about pose?

Simply because it works.  I’ve trained thousands of clients with pose method.

Its biomechanically sound and prevents injuries.

I’ve heard you say gravity is the pink elephant in the room, can you explain?

Most people think muscles create movement. Wrong! Gravity creates movement and muscles support this movement. This is a huge paradigm shift in how you perceive movement. All human movement is moving under the influence of gravity. You start to understand this, you will start to see movement in a whole new light.

Pose Methods for Runners

How do you teach pose method to runners?

I start with the basic concepts. Running is basically a controlled fall. Pose method is technique to teach someone how to harness the power of gravity in a horizontal plane. I teach how to tap into this powerful source of energy and use it to our advantage. I watch someone run and then teach them drills to learn efficient injury free movement taught through poses.

How to you change a runner’s poor technique?

No such thing a bad technique only inefficient technique. Gravity is the strongest force for human movement, teach someone how to harness this and they are immediately changing how they move.

Favorite running shoes?

Nike free 3.0, 5.0, or 7.0, I ran the NYC marathon in 2009 in the Nike free 3.0

Many trainers I come across are interested in balls the wall, killing it, assuming more is better with their clients. How is your approach different?

I’m trying to change a client’s lifestyle. I give them the tools so they can be free from their dependence on me.  If I work out with someone 3 hours a week there’s another 80 hours in the week where they need to move better and smarter. I enable them to perform better, so they can improve the quality of their own life.

How do you enable them to perform better?

By breaking poor movement pattern, free them of psychological fear, and empower them with the tools to take care of themselves.

I love that part of your training philosophy is that you are always learning and expanding your personal knowledge base.

I can’t be stagnant. Some clients were handicapped with compensation injuries and my goal is to progress them. I’m continually learning new techniques to correct their dysfunctional movement patterns. Neurokinetic therapy with David Weinstock was the first vehicle to correct these irregular movement patterns.  I also have major FOMO with learning new techniques.

Any advice you would give someone getting into personal training?

There’s many ways to skin a cat. There are thousands of exercises you could prescribe, hundreds of ways to do different releases, the most thing is you need people to get you trust you. You just need to find a way in to get them to trust you.

What do you do when people are in pain?

Address the pain, address the cause of the pain, and improve functionality.

Pose Methods for Runners

When you get stuck with client injuries, who’s your go-to resource?

Dr Emily Kiberd for NKT and ART, and Dr Rob Stefano for ART.

What’s your philosophy around food?

Food is fuel. Eat accordingly.

Favorite NYC restaurants?

Boqueria for spanish tapas and Sushi of Gari.

Loves in life?

Paddle boarding, mountain biking, surfing in East Hampton at Georgica beach, and my two bulldogs.

Morning ritual?

Pot of coffee and the Wall Street Journal, not online, the real thing.