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8 / Fulfilling Your Potential on the Warrior’s Path w/ Greg Amundson

For many of us, our wellness journey is heavily skewed towards the physical, mental, and emotional, leaving us spiritually underdeveloped. As Greg Amundson explains, this is a mistake every bit as critical as failing to exercise our bodies and minds.


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Greg is an authority at the forefront of the wellness world with a breadth of experience and knowledge. He’s a former DEA Special Agent, US Army Captain, CrossFit coach, seminary student, and four-time author. Today, we’re diving into the universal quest for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. No easy task to be sure!

Based on historical teachings and the warrior mindset, Greg is a crusader for turning your attention inward and serving others by leading yourself. He believes that the greatest adaptation for any physical practice happens between the ears and uses his spirituality to inspire his clients and fans.

Greg walks us through his view on spiritual practice, how to master the productivity of your own thinking and the importance of being conscious in the words that you speak. He shares his personal journey to finding enlightenment in Christianity, what his newest book is trying to achieve, and how he is spreading a unified message that transcends spirituality and time.

What role does spirituality play in your life? Was there ever a time where you felt a lack of spirituality negatively impacted your life? Leave a comment below!

In This Episode

  • How Greg’s parents influenced his outlook on life
  • Rituals to help you tap into your creative process and spirit
  • Understanding how to approach your own spiritual, physical and mental practice
  • Embracing the warrior archetype and self-mastery
  • Why seeking out spirituality is essential for your overall wellness


“When I reflect on the most creative times in my life, when I was in what they refer to in the warrior tradition as mushin or without mind, without consciousness, in flow state, it’s just allowing the Holy Spirit to freely navigate my life.” (5:44)

“I think God was up to more than simply reproduction of the species. I think to be fruitful and to multiply could also mean creativity. That your ideas are like seeds and they can sprout and bring forth an amazing harvest that can benefit humanity.” (8:07)

“When we embrace the warrior archetype we are more desirous of looking at what we do as much more meaningful. All of the sudden everything has greater meaning. There is no time for the luxury of idle thinking. There is no time for the luxury of idle action or idle speaking, in fact, the more progressive you develop yourself on the spiritual path the more self-aware you have to be” (19:34)

“So often we speak without thinking, without real consciousness. And that’s such a shame because our words are potentially so full of creative manifesting power. Yet we tend to throw them around aimlessly.” (32:40)

“There tends to be great divide, great division, in spiritual path. And yet a true spiritual path seeks unity not division. So religion creates war, spirituality creates union.” (35:41)


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