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90 / Finding Self Worth When You’re Not Working with Tallia Deljou

Many of us connect our sense of self-worth to our work. But the current global pandemic has impacted many people’s idea of their value. The tools to cope with these feelings are within everyone. Today’s guest is going to tell you how to harness this inner power.

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Tallia Deljou is a positive psychology expert and personal development coach. As such, she helps people make space for positive change. Rooted in her background in psychology, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and transformational coaching, Tallia supports clients in connecting to and embodying their authentic selves, making space to explore the deepest facets of who we are to cultivate a meaningful and rich inner life. 

Tallia discusses the implications that unexpected turns of events have on our sense of identity. She describes exercises that we can do to remind ourselves that we are complex beings. We are much more than our jobs. Identifying the constants in our lives reminds us of our true value.

We talk about shifting your mindset around downtime. Many people are finding themselves with more time on their hands than usual. Tallia advises using this time to think about who you want to be, not what you want to do. By cultivating curiosity about your natural tendencies, you may notice what is truly important to your wellbeing.

This all requires lots of introspection. It means noticing the source of your fears, how you deal with discomfort, choosing who you want to be, and recognizing what is beyond your control. Doing this without self-judgment is a powerful way to build a resilient sense of self-worth.

Where does your self-worth lie outside of your work? Share in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • Finding your sense of self-worth outside of your work
  • Shifting your mindset to use downtime in healthy yet fulfilling ways
  • Staying grounded when you feel powerless by creating structure
  • Identifying and moving beyond your limiting beliefs
  • Recognizing your stress without letting it overwhelm you
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation


“These roles are just different expressions of you. You are not the role. You are what brings life into the role.” [5:36]

“It’s easy to forget that we have a choice. When we lose that piece of it, we fall into powerlessness. That’s okay if that’s where you’re at right now. Just notice it, but recognize that you can choose differently.” [13:33]

“There’s a distinct point at which you start to recognize that your power does not come from anything outside of you. Instead, it comes from within you.” [23:10]

“You are choosing your thoughts. You are choosing how you feel. No one else is responsible for your feelings.” [32:46]


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