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16 / How To Fight Muscle Loss Using Vasper Technology w/ Sebastian Wasowski

Used by astronauts, athletes, and senior citizens in rehab, Vasper Technology is changing the way many people are strength training. It’s even becoming more popular in office spaces around the world. Sebastian Wasowski, one of Vasper’s creators, joins me today to tell us what Vasper is and how it can help people in all sorts of situations rebuild muscle.

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Vasper is a game-changing technology that allows people in many different physical conditions to fight natural muscle loss. Sebastian has been helping people access the benefits of Vasper since he created it in a backyard in Hawaii. It has since been adopted by scores of fitness programs and organizations, including NASA and several major sports franchises.

Vasper stimulates the body’s production of anabolic hormones by utilizing vascular compression combined with cooling with interval training. With this technology, the user can mimic an intense two-hour workout in 21 minutes without the stress response of a normal high-intensity workout.

Have you used Vasper in your training regimen? Is it something you would consider incorporating into your workout? Tell me about it in the comments!


In this episode

  • What Vasper technology is and how you can benefit from it
  • Who can best take advantage of a Vasper workout
  • The role of growth hormones in preventing and reversing age-related muscle loss
  • What the studies are saying about the implications of integrating Vasper into rehabilitation
  • Combining cold exposure with a BFR workout
  • The importance of active recovery and Vasper’s role in facilitating it by promoting better sleep



“It’s through the combination of compression and movement that we’re able to mimic the physiology of a much more intensive workout and initiate some of those benefits.” [2:07]

“The burn that you would normally feel towards the tail-end of a workout, most users begin to feel that during the first three to four minutes, but without being out of breath, without being overheated, without having extensively overloaded their joints to get there.” [5:28]

“We’re also initiating some of the benefits you’d get from intermittent cold exposure.” [18:56]

“Just improving somebody’s sleep, just that one tweak, if you can effectively do that… there’s often so much quality of life that comes back.” [22:14]



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