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94 / Exercise and Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women During Quarantine with Nora Matthew

With brick and mortar gyms shut down because of COVID-19, training for many has shifted online. This presents all sorts of new challenges but also opportunities. It is so important that we continue our workouts at home. This is especially true for all the new and expectant mothers out there. Not only is this crucial to maintain sanity, but you also don’t want to lose the gains you worked so hard to build in the first place.

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Nora Matthew is the founder of Her Strength Studio. After having her first baby, Nora also created Pregna-Fit, a unique strength training and labor preparation method for all stages of pregnancy. She runs multiple programs related to fitness for prepartum, pregnant, and postpartum women. 

With people exercising at home instead of at the gym, Nora has worked hard to make sure her clients haven’t missed a beat. Adjusting to workouts without equipment and helping people set up their at-home gyms is necessary these days. There’s a lot you can do with bodyweight workouts, but to really keep it going, investing in some weights is critical.

As someone who works with expecting and new moms, Nora often sees women struggling with anxiety. With all the uncertainties of the moment, it’s understandable to worry. That’s why, Nora provides targeted training advice, and works hard to maintain open lines of communication with her clients. Being there for them in a supportive but non-judgmental way goes so far in supporting both physical and emotional wellbeing.

How have you adjusted to training at home instead of at the gym? Let me know in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • Providing for clients when gyms are forced to close their doors
  • Weights to invest in for your at-home workouts
  • Special considerations for pregnant women and new mothers
  • The key elements of rebuilding stability and strength after having a child
  • Tips for preparing for birth far in advance
  • Shifting your mindset to prevent over-training


“Lifting weights is important and a key element to anyone’s training program for a myriad of reasons.” [7:10]

“There are exceptions, but let’s just err on the side of caution. You’re never going to regret taking a little bit longer to recover before getting back into whatever you were doing before.” [19:44]

“Ensuring that you understand how to relax your pelvic floor – that is everything.” [43:10]


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