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49 / Why The Practice Of Natural Movement Is So Important w/ Erwan Le Corre

Moving naturally has always been and always will be a timeless and essential biological necessity. But most of us, even those of us who exercise regularly, neglect a wide range of natural movements. This leaves us limited in what we can functionally perform in our daily lives. Today’s guest, Erwan Le Corre, has made it his goal to revive an interest in restoring strength through natural movement.

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Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat and author of the new book The Practice of Natural Movement. With a unique and insightful approach to moving, Erwan has helped countless people reconnect with how their bodies are naturally meant to move so that they can regain their health in ways many thought they couldn’t. He is on a mission to help as many people as possible reconnect with their bodies and to establish a new paradigm in the fitness industry.

In this interview, Erwan breaks down many elements of movement and functioning and explains how it’s all part of a singular system whose parts are best strengthened through natural and comprehensive movements. He describes how our bodies are not designed to work just a few parts in isolation even though this is how many workouts are done. Erwan tells us how to reconnect with natural and comprehensive movements in order to strengthen our entire system and live healthier lives.

Did you try sitting and standing like Erwan described? What did it reveal? Let me know in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • The evolutionary principles behind how we move and why it matters today
  • How MovNat creates a comprehensive and intuitive exercise routine
  • Regaining your natural movement abilities after a long period without physical activity
  • How people injure themselves because of a lack of adaptability
  • The intersection of competency and capability in allowing for strong natural movement
  • The importance of having a variety of natural movements in our daily lives in order to increase our physical adaptability


“Why is it normal, desirable, relevant, or effective to compartmentalize our physical behaviors in order to be in shape?” [5:03]

“Natural movement really belongs to all of us. You don’t need to be taught natural movement. What you may want to learn is to be highly efficient in the way you practice and perform. Nobody starts from scratch, it’s there instinctively.” [11:37]

“Nobody is strong overnight. Nobody is skilled overnight. It’s always a process like so many other things in life.” [26:40]

“If a lack of natural, varied, frequent, adaptable, practical movement is the reason why you are dealing with physical and functional ailments, then restoring healthy natural movement behavior might be the most potent change you can introduce to your lifestyle to fix most of those issues.” [42:48]


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