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67 / How To Avoid Injuries & Recover Faster After The NYC Marathon w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

Muscle Medicine Podcast 67 / How To Avoid Injuries & Recover Faster After Marathons w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

I’ve seen many elite runners come through the doors of my clinic. I know first-hand what their muscle quality feels like and the injuries they’ve dealt with. I’ve also seen how they train and how they recover from big races. That’s why I’m doing a solo episode to tell you what I’ve learned about how to best recover from running a marathon.

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By using technologies like NormaTec and utilizing active release techniques, you can best come back from a long intense run without suffering from many common long-term injuries. I talk about the importance of movement sequence resets and using gentle strength-training to get the body moving again in a healthy and well-rounded way.

Many runners also get sick in the days after a marathon. Big runs send our hormones haywire which lowers our immune response. However, there are steps you can take to keep from getting sick, such as getting plenty of rest and proper nutrition.

What helps you recover after a marathon or other long-distance race? Share it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • Common over-compensations that runners need to be aware of for their recovery
  • How active release techniques can help protect your muscles from the damage of running
  • Using gentle strength-training to get your muscles moving during recovery
  • Why runners get sick after a big race and how to prevent it


“The elite runner’s train and then they recover for the rest of the day. Recovering from their runs is also their full-time job.” [1:51]

“A lot of people get sick after they run the marathon. There’s so much excitement, the crowds are going wild, the adrenaline is rushing. 72 hours later your body is more susceptible to colds and flu due to elevated cortisol from stress.” [13:52]

“Before your run, don’t do anything new that you didn’t do in training.” [17:55]