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70 / Why DNS Is So Important To Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation w/ Dr. Michael Rintala

Muscle Medicine Podcast 070 / Why DNS Is So Important To Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation w/ Dr. Michael Rintala

Whether you’re an athlete or not, proper movement is the key to preventing injury and staying fit overall. DNS is one of the many tools that is helping people properly find stabilization and operate at peak performance. Today’s guest is an expert in its application and is here to share how this movement system can help you too.

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Dr. Michael Rintala is a San Diego based chiropractor who has specialized in rehabilitation and sports medicine for 17 years. His career has taken him to work with golfers on the PGA tour, professional surfers, and athletes of all sorts.

Dr. Rintala explains what it means to be a chiropractor for athletes. DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) is a large part of the work that he does. Dr. Rinalta shares how it has been instrumental in keeping high-performers in top shape.

If you’ve never heard of DNS and its role in rehabilitation, Dr. Rintala breaks it down in terms that any of us should be able to understand. It all hinges on deep stabilization which in turn permits better joint movement throughout the body. Dr. Rintala uses this throughout his practice and explains how it has helped many people, from professional to amateur athletes, manage their movement better and avoid injury.

How might you be able to apply DNS in your practice? Let me know in the comments below!

In this episode

  • The type of work that chiropractors do when serving athletes
  • The role of DNS in improving the efficiency of movement
  • Common biomechanical compensations and injuries of elite and amateur surfers
  • What the Czech Get-Up is and why it is a good alternative to the Turkish Get-Up


“If we improve efficiency in our movement, we decrease potential for injury and we increase the potential for performance.” [6:45

“Ideal deep stabilization – that ability to create a fixed point through the trunk and the pelvis – also allows the joint centration throughout the whole chain of movement with the human body.” [10:43]

“If I can maintain the synergy and stabilization and joint centration through the transitions at each developmental sequence, that’s where the magic happens in integrating dynamic movement into the sport you do.” [25:23]


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