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64 / Unexpected Reasons For The Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

Muscle Medicine Podcast 064 / Unexpected Reasons For The Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

For most of my adult life, I’ve been dealing with gallbladder issues. Last month it even landed me in the ER with severe pain under my right shoulder blade. So today I’m talking about a number of the common root causes of pain that can hit you hard underneath the shoulder-blade.

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First, I’m taking a deep look into common gallbladder problems and how these can lead to a number of complications that manifest as shoulder-blade pain. Poor posture and frequently stressed breathing are other big causes. There is good news though because you can address these potential problems yourself with a few mindful practices.

Another more serious cause of shoulder pain is a disc herniation in the cervical spine. Partially dislocated ribs are another common cause. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in pain forever. Once the biomechanical cause of the pain is known, there’s almost always something that can be done to help you live pain-free once again.

Have you experienced shoulder-blade pain? Were you able to figure out its route cause and address it? Tell me about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • What the gallbladder is and how it can cause shoulder-blade pain
  • Why people pass gallstones and what the symptoms are
  • When to seek medical help as a result of gallbladder issues
  • How poor posture and stressed-out breathing can cause pain in the shoulder-blade and how to remedy it
  • Herniations in the cervical spine and their effect on pain
  • Partial dislocation of the ribs and how to avoid it


“The gallbladder is one of the potential causes of pain underneath the shoulder-blade. Especially on the right side.” [3:03]

“If you drink coffee there’s a lower risk of having gallstones. This is because caffeine enhances the gallbladder motility, inhibits gallbladder fluid absorption, and decreases the crystallization of cholesterol in the bile.” [9:33]

“So when we get tightness in that mid-back from stress, we can start to get mid-back pain or pain under the bottom tip of the shoulder-blade.” [12:49]

“A subluxated rib 99 percent of the time goes hand in hand with a breathing issue.”[17:10]


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