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81 / Hashimoto’s and Knee Pain w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

Today I’d like to talk about knee pain as it relates to Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s not uncommon for me to see women with autoimmune conditions who also suffer from knee pain. Since they don’t remember injuring it, they often wonder why their knee hurts. When there’s no clear mechanism of injury present, that’s a big clue that an autoimmune condition could be the culprit.

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I discuss some of the common signs of knee pain to be aware of. Stepping down, such as walking downstairs, puts a particularly large load on the tendon in the knees. Since Hashimoto’s can result in slower tendon turnover, this can be particularly uncomfortable. Hypermobile joints can also be a concern. I share some easy techniques for dealing with this.

I often recommend certain rehab exercises for helping pained knees. When done correctly, belly breathing, squats, and lunges can go far to regain strength in the knees. There are also a number of effective supplements, such as magnesium and fish oils, for getting a handle on inflammatory issues. Most importantly, get your blood work done and find a functional medicine doctor who understands this connection.

Have you experienced Hashimoto’s related knee pain? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • Why knees can hurt when they haven’t been injured
  • The importance of getting blood work done when symptoms persist
  • Common signs of knee pain
  • Why Hashimoto’s results in slower tendon turnover
  • Rehab exercises that will help restore knee strength
  • Supplements to help bring inflammation under control


“All of our tissues, especially our tendons, are constantly regenerating and renewing. This takes longer for us when we have Hashimoto’s.” [5:46]

“Ultimately, lunges is what rehabs and stabilizes the knee joint, especially when there is hypermobility.” [11:43]

“If you’re a woman with Hashimoto’s and you have knee pain, know that you are not crazy, your body is not failing you. It goes hand in hand.” [12:07] 


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