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4 / Are You Afraid To Lift? Don’t Be w/ Artemis Scantalides

Any physical trainer will tell you that making progress towards your performance goals is empowering and liberating. But just how do you integrate all the many aspects of reaching these goals? You need to have not only the right training program but also the right mindset. Artemis Scantalides joins us to share her journey down this road and how she helps others achieve their fitness goals.


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Artemis Scantalides started out as a ballet dancer but has since earned her black belt in Kung Fu and has completed the Iron Maiden Challenge. Her passion for strength training inspired her to open her own hardstyle kettlebell and training gym. She now lives in Las Vegas and works part-time for Cirque du Soleil as a Performance Conditioning Specialist, and trains clients in person and online through her company, Iron Body Training Systems. Artemis created her own strength training workshop series for women, I Am Not Afraid To Lift. With all this experience she knows a few things about training and fitness and shares some nuggets of wisdom with us.

In this episode, we talk about her accomplishments and challenges while participating in weightlifting events. Artemis shares how she strives to empower women through strength as she continues and show them that they shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights

If you’ve ever thought about weight training and setting performance goals, we discuss why it’s an empowering experience. We’re certainly inspired after speaking with Artemis and are certain you will be too!

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In This Episode

  • Specific challenges and rewards of participating in weightlifting events
  • How to transition from one field of physical conditioning to another
  • How making progress in performance goals can be empowering and liberating
  • Addressing nutrition issues so that you get the proper fuel you need without letting it rule your life
  • How you can take the first steps in your physical conditioning journey


“This was a really great performance goal for me to work on. Can someone my size get strong enough to complete the Iron Maiden challenge? Well, let’s see.” [13:13]

“I like to lift and I like to develop muscle and I want to help other women learn to love their muscles and learn to love to lift.” [33:17]

“If they (women) want to see ascetic changes in their body then they need to lift and build lean muscle so they can burn more calories at rest.” [42:16]


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