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56/ How To Keep Healthy & Fit After 50 w/ Debra Atkinson

Perimenopause and menopause are often distressing times for women. All of a sudden you can’t keep the weight off and all sorts of changes are happening that seem out of your control. Many women are told that there isn’t much to be done about it, but let me tell you, you still have the power to take charge of your health no matter your age.

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Debra Atkinson knows how to help women stay healthy and vibrant before, during, and after menopause. As a fitness professional, who spent years hearing clients lament how their bodies are changing as they age, Debra has made it her mission to help women stay healthy well into their fifties and beyond. She has written ebooks, created courses, developed nutrition and exercise recommendations, and encourages countless women to stay fit and healthy no matter their age.

Today, Debra and I discuss the difficulties of finding nutrition and exercise programs designed for older women since very few are made with that population in mind. Many think that the best route is simply eating less and working out more, but Debra explains why this is actually counterproductive. To that end, we go over some great exercises that you can start using right away.

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In this episode

  • Why there’s such a dearth of research into menopausal fitness
  • Why simply eating less and working out more is not the right solution as we age
  • The best types of exercises to consider depending on your conditioning level
  • What interval training is and why it’s a wonderful method maintaining strength and fitness as we age
  • How to feed yourself before and after a workout and why snacking is bad for hormonal balance


“If you’re not seeing a result and you’re frustrated, it’s not really your fault because it probably wasn’t a program designed for you based on people like you.” [4:42]

“For every individual, you have to figure out where you are, what describes you, and if movement doesn’t feel good, then your first priority is function. Let’s get you functioning really well.” [15:38]

“The point isn’t really what volume of exercise you’re doing. It’s the outcome, the transformation.” [25:16]

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