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Corporate Wellness Products

Our corporate wellness programs are designed to help businesses reduce medical costs, minimize work-related injuries, retain talent, and maximize productivity in the office.

We customize programs suited to your company culture, which improves your employees’ overall physical and mental health. Our quantifiable results help our corporate clients achieve their employee retention and HR goals. We help create healthier, happier, and more productive employees while reducing work related injuries and increasing company moral.

Corporate Ergonomic Services

Did you know the average employee spends 8,060 hours sitting at their desk over just a 5 year career? Chances are your employees are also sitting in their office chairs all day. As chronic fatigue and poor posture aliments set in, their muscles will tighten and their mood and work may suffer.

We offer both one-on-one ergonomic assessments as well as a lunch & learn workshops to provide your employees with the tools they need to improve their workspace and reduce pain caused by poor posture. We address each employee’s individual needs, helping them optimize their station for peak performance and mental clarity.

Corporate Yoga & Fitness Services

Looking for a way to get employee energy up but don’t have the space for a full workout session? No problem. We offer office-friendly chair yoga sessions which don’t require changing clothes or rolling out mats. This hour long session will combat muscle fatigue and typical chronic elements caused by office-work lifestyle.

If you do have the space, we offer full-on yoga classes with expert yoga therapy instructors, as well as a boot camp program that’ll get the heart-rate up quickly using HIIT principles. All sessions are heavily focused on alignment based techniques. Our goal is to ensure your employees enjoy the classes, while being coached on proper form and safety within the exercises.

In-Office Chair Massage

Looking for an office perk? After a busy morning or afternoon, we can help employees relax and reset with a corporate chair massage event. Certified therapists have years of experience and are specifically trained in techniques to combat typical office workspace related ailments. Our chair massage events not only invigorate your employees, they become empowered with our tips, tricks, and workspace stretches which help keep them healthy long after we’ve left the building.

We work with your HR, or executive team, to build custom programs to help you create happier, healthier, and more productive teams!

Corporate Nutrition Services

We like to keep nutrition simple but effective. Food can boost your energy, spur concentration and create a healthy lifestyle when done right. Our trained nutrition specialists educate your employees on how food can help to increase their energy levels and productivity, as well as clear the mind to spark creativity. We teach your employees how food can be a powerful tool, including which foods to avoid to maintain healthy eating habits and achieve their fitness goals.

Stress Management

Stress in small doses can be beneficial in helping us push our capacity and find innovative solutions to our problems. Unfortunately, chronic stress can be harmful to our health, body, and mental state.  Through our session employees will learn how stress is affecting your body and what you can do to remedy it. Our workshop incorporates proven techniques and tools to enhance your ability to cope with daily stress and adversity. You’ll be exposed to quick basic meditation and breathing techniques which can be utilized in the workspace, at home, or any time stress creeps into your life.

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