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Corporate Wellness is Key to Great Business

Creating a Corporate Wellness program with Urban Wellness Clinic

We all become aware of the importance of good morale at work. We’ve been employees, some of us have been managers, but for business owners – maintaining great morale and overall corporate wellness is the key to keeping your business running smoothly.

For Example…

Imagine having to leave your business because of an emergency, the one you built from the ground up, with employees who were tired, fed up, and simply weren’t loyal to your clients or customers. These are the people who come in to finish their hours and run out as soon as they’re done after doing the bare minimum all day. How do you think your business will run without you, particularly if there is a problem?

Not so promising right?

Now imagine you have to leave and your employees are happy, invested, and feeling good about the work they do – and what the business provides others. They feel important, validated, and like they are part of a bigger picture or a team.

You could leave in peace, knowing things will be well taken care of.

And morale isn’t just about leaving your business in the hands of others while you are away, but ultimately your business is in the hands of others while you are there.

When people feel valued, when they feel like they are part of a team, they will enjoy what they do and in turn will create an environment that is pleasant, productive, and consistent. Employee retention will increase, and we all know how expensive it is to fire someone – it can be equally as expensive to hire someone new.

Corporate wellness matters, is this starting to make more sense?

Your Employees Will Want Different Methods

People will seek validation in different ways.

Some prefer wage increases, some prefer extra vacation, others may just be happy with words of affirmation.  The trouble is, if you are seeking so many different ways to meet the needs of your employees, it can become an expensive way to provide short term gratification.

So What’s The Solution?

For 11 years, The Urban Wellness Clinic has been providing techniques to help improve employee morale and corporate wellness for businesses in a way that will make them feel appreciated.

And, like their wellness is a priority to you.

They will feel better in the body, clearer in the mind, and in turn will have the capacity to do better with their work.

How Does Corporate Wellness Work?

We use a 4 part approach to helping your business improve corporate wellness;

  1. We use a chair massage to release tight muscles from sitting, standing, lifting, or stress.
  2. Provide ergonomic assessments so employees can feel good at their desk while working, and we help to teach them how to use their standing desks when necessary.
  3. We provide yoga to get their bodies moving. As an alternative to sweating on mats at work, we provide a lunch and learn while they can learn to stretch in their chairs around the board table.
  4. We can also provide a nutrition lunch and learn. This is a lesson on nutrition, and how to eat so you can prevent that 2 p.m. energy slump. This is an opportunity to learn how to fuel your body to optimize performance.

True Benefits

The real benefits are seen in an improvement in employee morale, increased productivity, fewer doctors visits, less time out of the office, fewer complaints, better focus, and fewer complaints about pain.

A genuine interest in the wellness of your employees is something that can roll over into their personal time, and frees them up to do things for themselves when they aren’t at work. With 11 years of experience in providing an uplifting employee morale experience with qualified professionals is just what you will need to have your employees feel valued.