Clavicle Fractures

What are clavicle fractures?

Also known as a broken collarbone, this injury is widespread and common about people of all different ages and lifestyles. Typically, the clavicle breaks near the distal third. This injury occurs from direct impact to the area, either from a bad fall, a car accident, or a sports-related incident.

What are symptoms of a clavicle fracture?

If you are experiencing swelling, bruising, and soreness in the collarbone area, you may have suffered an injury to the area. Some other signs of a clavicle break including a sagging shoulder, a raised bump over the broken area, a sharp pain when you try to raise your arm and a grinding sensation near the shoulder joint.

How do we treat a clavicle fracture?

We begin treating your injury early on to tackle the pain and discomfort. Once you are able to regain mobility in your arm, we incorporate more active exercises. As the healing progresses, we start working on strengthening exercises next. Over time, we help you regain a full range of motion in the affected area so you can resume your daily routine with less pain and irritation.