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74 / Why You Should Never Rely On Willpower To Be Healthy w/ Claire Siegel

Anyone who’s been on a diet knows the struggles of losing weight and feeling strong and healthy through the whole process. It can even take a real toll on your mental health as there’s a real emotional side to eating. Today I’m sitting down with someone who is refocussing the way we can think about and approach our relationship with food to help people truly take control of their health.

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Claire Siegel is a registered dietician who’s all about balancing her real food, veggie-heavy approach to nutrition with her deep love of cheeseburgers, chocolate, and red wine. She recently launched Nutritional Freedom as a nutrition and mindset coaching business in which she and her team have helped many women think about food in a completely different way.

We’re talking about the diet-binge-guilt cycle that many of us fall into. It’s why trying to lose weight through traditional dieting is so demoralizing and ineffective. Claire explains why many people end up in this cycle and how to break out of it. Claire has found that mindset is the key to successful dieting and we talk all about how to reframe this for success.

Have you noticed a connection between mindset and dieting? How do you address this? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • How eating and dieting is a real emotional activity
  • Why we often focus on the wrong problem when dieting
  • Addressing the behavioral and emotional sources of binging
  • Why you should never rely on willpower to be healthy
  • How to make healthy eating easy by removing restrictions to it
  • The risks that come from trying to be too healthy
  • Tools to help listen to your intuition rather than your craving


“We really want to understand what the underlying factors are that are creating the cycle. It’s not a lack of willpower, strength, or determination. A lot of it is biology, physiology, and what’s going on mentally.” [5:09]

“The root problem when it comes to binging is some form of restriction… When you remove that restriction, binging tends to be resolved quite naturally.” [6:11]

“Willpower is great when it’s there, but you don’t necessarily want to rely on it or base your entire approach to health on this necessity for willpower.” [9:50]

“You become more consistent in your health behaviors when they become easier and enjoyable for you overall.” [15:58]

“Your value and your worth extends so far beyond your body, shape, size, and what you look like. Health doesn’t have to feel so hard.” [32:05]


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