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It Makes No Sense-ory. How Our Feet Need To Feel While Lifting. Imagine it’s dark out. No light at all. You hear things in the dark around you, sure that something is going to jump out at you. Y
For more than a decade, we at Urban Wellness Clinic have been helping people heal their body with amazing form through proper strength training, rehabilitation, and weightlifting exercises. For yea

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At Urban Wellness Clinic, we spend most of our days treating patients who have low back or neck pain, jaw pain, or headaches. These symptoms are the bread and butter of what we treat as a chiroprac
FANCY VS PLAIN OL’ My friend Jeff loves Pigs in a Blanket. I’ve heard him wax poetic about the irresistible pull of the flaky pastry wrapped around the tiny salty hot dog. He can go on and on abo
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You’ve been to 7 classes this week. You’re exercising your heart out but nothing’s changing. The scale isn’t moving, you don’t feel energized anymore and some previously dull aches and
Let's talk shoulders. We love a good shoulder down and back look for a broad open chest and "good posture." But sometimes we can overpack or pull our shoulders down and back too much causing shoulder
Have you wondered whether you should tuck your chin while you lift so it’s in a so-called packed-neck position? Or should you look up while you drive into your deadlifts and squats? How many time
Take a breath, see where it goes. Go on now, don’t hold back. Does the breath travel down to your belly? Was there a 360-degree expansion around your abdomen? As women, we can have a higher propensi
A proper squat is a gateway to a lot of good.  Done well, it sets us up for greater strength, reduced pain and better performance (Bada*s). It opens doors for some incredible physical transformations
Well isn’t that the million dollar question these days? I see all walks of life in the clinic from the corporate warrior to the yogi to the enthusiastic Cross Fitter all asking the same question. Wh