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Anyone who has gone through physical therapy probably experienced a lot of exercises focused on muscle memory and large muscle movement. Unfortunately, that often leaves out other important therapies,
We hear a lot of talk from experts about the importance of the gut microbiome but you have another microbiome that is just as influential, and it’s in your mouth. In fact, you are probably doing thi
It turns out that the way many of us have been thinking about the sources of pain in the body is wrong. Pain is not isolated in one just one place. It’s part of a complex system that is your anatomy
Understanding what your hormones are doing is critical to understanding your health. To do that, you’ll need to take a hormone test. But there are many factors that can affect a hormone test that ca
A lot of my patients are working hard on their functional movement as they try to get out of pain through rehab. Sometimes I notice that part of the issue is caused by bloating. Of course, they’re n
What’s your poo telling you? Maybe you haven't been listening to it, but you should. Since you can’t actually see what’s happening in your gut, your poo is the best clue you have to see what’s
There’s so much that a strength trainer can do for you, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why I am thrilled to have one of my favorite people ever to on this episode to talk about some of
Used by astronauts, athletes, and senior citizens in rehab, Vasper Technology is changing the way many people are strength training. It’s even becoming more popular in office spaces around the world
Most people see physical therapy as a response to an injury. Corinne Croce sees it differently. To her, and a growing number of physical therapists, PT is a regular part of life that will help you mai
Nick Rolnick, a physical therapist who specializes in blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) shares how this technique, if properly applied, has a huge range of benefits for building and maintaining mus