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There is a mountain of misinformation out there surrounding men’s health. What supplements should you take? How much and what kind of exercise should you be getting? What’s a good diet for men? It
Maybe you’ve tried everything when dealing with pain during workout or rehab. In today’s interview, I talk with someone who has a different approach than most. Dr. Meghan Helwig doesn’t just loo
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Every soon-to-be mom wants to grow a healthy baby. It’s a scary and daunting process and there are so many parts of pregnancy that are just out of your hands. However, you can still get a handle of
One of the hottest topics in the health space right now is your gut and how to create a healthy microbiome. Did you know that you have over 100 trillion bacterias in your microbiome, including a large
If you suffer from any problem like chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, neck pain, trouble concentrating, GI problems, acid reflux, or IBS, the problem may have its roots in your airway. It’s never
We all have stress in our lives. We’ve got jobs, families, and a lot going on. Stress is going to be part of all that. But stress, if we let it run rampant, will take its toll on our bodies and well
We all know that crooked teeth and the need for orthodontia is a big problem. But did you know that it can affect everything from your breathing to mental clarity and performance? This is all caused b
We often talk here on the podcast about creating good habits to support our health. Easier said than done, right? In order to effectively train and feed your muscles you need tools to integrate good h
It’s a common misconception that elite athletes are always in perfect form and at the pinnacle of physical fitness. Many however are dealing with chronic injury. If you’ve listened to this podcast
Anyone who has gone through physical therapy probably experienced a lot of exercises focused on muscle memory and large muscle movement. Unfortunately, that often leaves out other important therapies,
We hear a lot of talk from experts about the importance of the gut microbiome but you have another microbiome that is just as influential, and it’s in your mouth. In fact, you are probably doing thi