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Many people perceive self-care and recovery as a romanticized process. But it is a struggle that involves pushing through boundaries, focus, and determination. There is never one single trick or solut
Conventional wisdom has it that women should get back to their usual life as soon as they can after giving birth. It turns out that that is so far from the truth. Doing so ignores the important postpa
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Maintaining proper form is one of the most critical parts of strength training. If anything is off, from stance to breath, you risk working out at less than peak efficiency. Worse, you may even injure
Anyone who’s been on a diet knows the struggles of losing weight and feeling strong and healthy through the whole process. It can even take a real toll on your mental health as there’s a real emot
In my clinic, I regularly see the negative results that happen to women when they overtrain. While it’s true that many of us think that more is better, this can ultimately lead to burnout and more p
Highly stressful situations can lead to an inability to act and respond. These feelings have long-lasting impacts that affect people well afterward. However, as you’ll hear, this is not the result o
Soy is a popular protein source in the fitness world and in food in general. There are countless different soy-based products out there claiming that soy is a miracle food. However, there is also a lo
Whether you’re an athlete or not, proper movement is the key to preventing injury and staying fit overall. DNS is one of the many tools that is helping people properly find stabilization and operate
Pelvic floor health is too often ignored by women. Especially after childbirth, but throughout life, the pelvic floor needs loving care. The great thing is that it is well within your control to addre
There are many causes of chronic pain. Sometimes it’s not even entirely physical or connected to the place that’s hurting. Healing is complex and not always a straightforward process. My guest tod
I’ve seen many elite runners come through the doors of my clinic. I know first-hand what their muscle quality feels like and the injuries they’ve dealt with. I’ve also seen how they train and ho