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Eczema can be debilitating. I know from my own personal experience how the rashes it causes can stop someone in their tracks. What’s less understood is what causes this chronic skin condition and wh
We often think of missing teeth as something that just affects the elderly. But it is actually quite common for adults of any age, and if ignored, the consequences can be severe. Indeed, taking care o
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Lab work is often very confusing to read and understand. It’s tough to know if your doctor is even ordering the right lab work and if that work is telling you the complete story of your health. Woul
What if I told you that you don’t need to eat vegetables or that fiber is overrated? You might not believe me, but I have an amazing guest here today who explains how our ancestors evolved eating fa
Moving naturally has always been and always will be a timeless and essential biological necessity. But most of us, even those of us who exercise regularly, neglect a wide range of natural movements. T
Pilates is a great and increasingly popular way to build functional strength. But with all the different styles and methods, it’s hard to know just what a great pilates workout looks like, not to me
Developments in functional medicine are increasingly showing us the importance of diet in supporting your health, and even in combating chronic illness. These discoveries are game changers when it com
Most of us don’t get enough light in our daily lives. Sitting under fluorescent lights and in front of computer screens don’t count. What more and more studies are showing is that exposure to natu
Do you feel like one side of your body is stronger or weaker than the other? Perhaps some muscles are overcompensating for this and maybe it’s even affecting your breathing. This isn’t uncommon. I
Think you know what yoga has to offer? Well, it can go far beyond what you’d get out of a typical class when used as therapy. Even more, when applied incorrectly, yoga can cause more harm than good.
We’ve all got stress in our lives. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if left unchecked stress can lead to a host of health problems. Luckily, meditation can serve as a counterbalance to matc