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As the coronavirus completely alters all aspects of life, it’s a good time to talk about the birth process. Expecting parents all over are finding that their plans have changed. This is an uncertain
Navigating the conflicting information out there about good nutrition is exhausting and confusing. Add to this all the stress of trying to stay healthy and maintain a modern lifestyle and it’s no wo
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No two patients are the same. Everyone who walks into a practitioner’s office brings with them unique biomechanical, as well as social and psychological, factors. Being able to understand each patie
Today, Brooke explains how she discovered the healing properties of CBD. She has found that this compound can be used to treat numerous conditions. In order to help people use CBD to address their nee
A Hashimoto’s diagnosis often means frustration. Typical workouts and treatments may not work and feeling defeated is a common consequence. Living with Hashimoto’s means making adjustments. This i
While treating a lot of women at my clinic, I’ve encountered many auto-immune conditions, including Hashimoto’s. Everyone has a story. However, it’s normal to feel like your story doesn’t get
Today I’d like to talk about knee pain as it relates to Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s not uncommon for me to see women with autoimmune conditions who also suffer from knee pain. Since they don’t r
Have you found that you have trouble reaching up with one of your arms? Maybe this happens when you go to comb your hair or put on a jacket. This is something often called frozen shoulder, aka adhesiv
It is becoming increasingly apparent that building a good relationship is a crucial part of helping people rehabilitate. Healing and recovery cannot truly happen unless coaches and trainers are able t
Diets are tough. If you’ve ever bounced from one fad diet to the next, given up and had to restart, or just been overwhelmed by the discipline involved, you’re not alone. The key though is underst
Many people perceive self-care and recovery as a romanticized process. But it is a struggle that involves pushing through boundaries, focus, and determination. There is never one single trick or solut