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Used by astronauts, athletes, and senior citizens in rehab, Vasper Technology is changing the way many people are strength training. It’s even becoming more popular in office spaces around the world
Most people see physical therapy as a response to an injury. Corinne Croce sees it differently. To her, and a growing number of physical therapists, PT is a regular part of life that will help you mai

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Nick Rolnick, a physical therapist who specializes in blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) shares how this technique, if properly applied, has a huge range of benefits for building and maintaining mus
There are countless unintended effects of the industrialization of our food. From an animal’s stress hormones to an overabundance of sulfates, all the changes in our food supply have consequences. M
Many people think of chiropractors as simple back-crackers. I know that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The proper application of chiropractic medicine has many beneficial effects for anyon
Training smarter is certainly not the same thing as training harder. If you are a trainer, finding the right balance between the two so you can meet the needs of your clients and get them to their pea
Low testosterone is a huge concern for many men. We’re still discovering the best science for diagnosing and treating this issue. With so many different voices and studies out there, it can be hard
Ben Pakulski, or ‘Pak-Man’ is an IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness professional bodybuilder and shares our belief in the importance of feeding your largest organ, the musc
For many of us, our wellness journey is heavily skewed towards the physical, mental, and emotional, leaving us spiritually underdeveloped. As Greg Amundson explains, this is a mistake every bit as cri
Knowing about your muscle fiber types is incredibly crucial when it comes to physical conditioning. But just how can you find out what your specific fiber type is so you can use that knowledge to trai