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Last week I was telling a dear patient a story about my summers working out west in the National Park Service 18 years ago. She laughed till she cried and said I should write a book about my life.
Do you wake up in the morning with neck pain after a night of sleeping on your pillow? You’re not alone. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause or worsen neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm

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When you search for a doctor near you in New York City on your insurance panel, ZOCDOC, Google, or Yelp, you can choose to filter by many factors including gender. You can even search for “female ch
Urban Wellness Clinic's approach to one itty bitty muscle involved in major knee pain 8 years ago while training for a marathon I had left posterior lateral knee pain will fullness behind my knee,
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You’ve suffered long enough with back pain. Taking pain relievers only provides temporary relief. You’ve tried them all: Aleve, Advil, Motrin, and maybe even considered taking some of the stronger
Did you know that the way you breathe may lead to pain and tightness in your body? In fact, poor breathing habits can lead to all sorts of ailments, including headaches, neck pain and tightness,
Do you suffer from hip pain while running? Do you feel hip pain when you’re sitting, walking or sleeping at night? Wonder if a chiropractor can help? I can't emphasize this enough: Hip pain is
So you just finished the NYC half marathon this past Sunday and are just starting to recover from DOMS. Whether you are a seasoned runner or this was just a training run for a full marathon, healing
Don’t listen to the rumor mill. Exercising on a ketogenic diet—the right way—is actually a great idea. The benefits of the low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet are just too signif
What can you do to make sure you stay healthy day-to-day? We only live one life and you are the only one who has to live in your body. So how can you ensure you’ll keep having the strength, agility,