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89 / How to Calm Anxiety While Working From Home

In these weird and uncertain times, it’s so important to get a handle on anxiety. A lot of us are making the transition to working from home. This presents a whole bunch of new challenges we may not have faced before. Today, I’m sharing some tools that I’ve found helpful for calming whatever anxieties might come up as we deal with this new reality.

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The root of anxiety is the unknown. Right now, there’s a lot we don’t know. To stay present, I’ve found that organizing my day is critical. This provides a sense of consistency and stability that may be lacking elsewhere. I even plan out all my meals. That means starting the day with protein, cutting out the morning carbs, and limiting caffeine. 

Also, if you run your business from home, it’s important to stay focused on what’s most important for it. I recommend just paying attention to the three most crucial aspects. Ask yourself, “what’s going to move my business forward.” Identify the three most important tasks and put aside the rest.

One huge source of anxiety is the constant bombardment of information. I urge all my patients to limit their time watching the news and consuming social media. Not only does all this media take you out of the present, but it also is a huge cause of stress. 

Being giving and checking in with people also goes far to keep anxiety under control. It allows you to hold space for all the emotions that surface. I’ve discovered how a simple text message or phone call goes far to shift negativity, overwhelm and anxiety. Also breathing techniques and working out will help create a sense of calm and control. 

Have you found any useful techniques or tools for calming anxiety while stuck at home? Share it in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • Tips and tools for staying present when we feel anxious
  • Ways to organize your day to promote consistency
  • The importance of meal planning and starting your day with savory foods
  • The only three things to prioritize in your business right now
  • Why you need to limit your media intake 
  • What happens when you are giving and checking in with people 
  • Breathing techniques to bring you a sense of calm
  • Why it’s important to continue working out


“No matter which way you spin it, this is a time to reflect, to pause, to enjoy the stillness and take a moment and see what bubbles to the surface.” [0:58]

“When I started to give was when I started to really tamp down on any anxiety that would come to the surface.” [13:04]

“Hold space and be kind to yourself. Let go of the negative voice or the things that we tell ourselves.” [23:32]


Episode 72 with Dr. Stephen Porges