Calf Strain/Tear

What is a calf strain/tear?

A calf strain occurs when there are tears to the muscles in the lower, back portion of the legs. Typically the pain will be pretty severe, and the injured area may become bruised and swollen, depending on the degree to which it is hurt.

What are the symptoms of a calf strain/tear?

When it comes to a calf strain/tear, there are different grades that dictate the type of symptoms that occur, ranging from Grade 1 – Grade 3.

  • Grade 1 – In this stage, there are a few fibers torn which leads to some pain, but doesn’t limit mobility.
  • Grade 2 – By this point, there are an extensive amount of fibers torn and an increased lack of function.
  • Grade 3 – Once you reach this level, you are dealing with extensive fiber damage and serious function loss. Walking is nearly impossible at this point.

How do we treat a calf strain/tear?

In order to speed up your recovery period, we work with you to strengthen your calves, stretch out the area, and lessen pain so that walking becomes less uncomfortable.