Biceps/Triceps Ruptures

What are biceps & triceps ruptures?

Often occurring during strength training and resistance workouts, bicep and tricep ruptures are a pretty common injury, occurring when the tendons in the muscle are completely torn.

What are the symptoms of biceps & triceps ruptures?

Tenderness in the shoulder region, sharp and sudden pain, a snapping sensation and accompanying sound, bruising from the upper part of the arm down to the elbow, weakness in the arm, and discomfort when working out the arms and lifting heavy items.

How do we treat biceps & triceps ruptures?

Our therapists start out by showing you how to rest your shoulder so it can heal, while you use other parts of your body for everyday tasks. We may also use ice therapy to relieve tension in the area, before jumping into a series of exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured biceps and triceps.