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19 / How To Beat Intestinal Bloating w/ Dr. Ken Brown

A lot of my patients are working hard on their functional movement as they try to get out of pain through rehab. Sometimes I notice that part of the issue is caused by bloating. Of course, they’re not going to get better until that’s corrected so they can stabilize their core. That’s where today’s guest comes in. Dr. Ken Brown has been studying and researching the causes of bloating and its solutions and is here to tell us what he knows.

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Dr. Brown is a gastroenterologist in Dallas. While doing clinical research for big pharma, Dr. Brown realized that there was a huge connection between the methane in our diet and a whole load of health problems. This led him to develop the supplement Atrantil to address the causes of this problem. Dr. Brown continues to be passionate about research into functional medicine and bridging the gap between traditional medicine and natural solutions.

Bloating can have so many causes and lead to near countless ramifications. Dr. Brown and I talk about how you can identify the issue, understand its causes, and treat it in an effective way. By being on the cutting edge of research, Dr. Brown has a wealth of knowledge on this complex and overlooked subject.

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In this episode:

  • Some of the common causes of bloating
  • Your gut biome and its role in creating bloat-causing gases like methane
  • The causes and consequences of leaky-gut and what you can do to avoid it
  • Understanding the polyphenol content of what you eat and how it has many different health benefits
  • Steps you can take to get rid of bloating



“You don’t need to give someone antidepressants because they’re bloated. You need to fix the root cause.” [5:31]

“The multibiome interacts, and if you eat poorly and keep abusing your body, you’re going set yourself up for a situation where all you’re doing is feeding this little ecosystem in your body.” [15:46]

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to change lifestyle and make a huge difference in people’s lives as opposed to always throwing a drug out?” [37:19]



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