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60 / How To Find The Optimal Diet For Your Lifestyle w/ Ashleigh Vanhouten

From keto to nootropics to paleo and so much more, it’s overwhelming just trying to figure out how to build the best diet for yourself. The fact of the matter is that no single diet will solve all your problems. For most of us, a well-rounded and informed approach is key. That’s why I’ve brought someone onto this podcast who is an expert in helping people find the approach that works best for them.

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Ashleigh Vanhouten is an author, coach, speaker, interviewer of badass women, and the host of two podcasts. Ever since she was young, Ashleigh has been driven by her natural sense of curiosity to learn as much as possible about fitness. She works with Paleo Magazine, where she develops features about people and companies doing incredible things in health and wellness, as well as nutrition research articles, product reviews, and more. Her mission is to support others on their own journey towards creating their own optimal, primally-aligned lifestyle.

Ashleigh and I cover a number of great topics today. We discuss what it means to be metabolically flexible and how it can help people lead well-rounded and healthy lifestyles. Ashleigh tells us why a good diet doesn’t have to be complicated but should revolve around simply eating well. We also talk about effective training regimens and why this is different from simply working out.

We also cover why strength-training is so very crucial to long-lasting health. Many people can be intimidated by this, but Ashleigh goes over how she approaches the subject with those who are feeling hesitant to start using the heavier weights. We even cover how to maintain your sense of identity among all the images and ideas of what strength-training is “supposed” to look like. 

How do you find balance in how you train and diet with your everyday lifestyle? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • Harnessing your innate curiosity to discover where your passions lie
  • What it means to be metabolically flexible and how you can achieve it
  • The difference between training and exercising and why the distinction matters
  • Why you can’t properly train through low-impact exercises alone
  • Why strength-training and femininity are not mutually exclusive concepts
  • Determining a measure of success that is personally meaningful


“You don’t want to be so reliant on whatever your diet methodology is that you fall apart if you don’t have it.” [9:20]

“It is absolutely healthy to have a goal. You need to pick a healthy goal and do it in a healthy way, but always having something on the horizon is a healthy way for your brain to work because we’re goal-oriented creatures.” [18:40]

“Every new skill is scary until you know how to do it.” [26:50]

“There are no shortcuts, there really are not. We love to think that there are. We love to think that the nootropics and the keto fast and all this stuff is going to sort us out quicker, but it’s just about understanding yourself and doing the hard work and it takes time.” [40:36]


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